Door Chains – Protect Your Doors From Unauthorized Access

Translated by Alexandra Igna (2019)

Together with the demand for the most modern electronic door locks on the market, the demand for the simple door chain also seems to be going up. We live in a time when locking technologies are becoming more and more complex, but this does not seem to put an end to people's need for simple mechanical door chains that can protect their homes.

The increasing number of elders who live alone are more prone to use this additional safety measure as an easy-to-use extra mechanical safeguard. The door chain is often times used as a protective measure, as it allows a partial opening of the door compared to the mechanical lock; visitors can show their badges and homeowners can take their photo through the cracked door with the help of the chain.

As for the investment you should expect to make, you should know there isn't much to add here. Unless you are charged under 5 EUR for a door chain, you have no reason to suspect you will not benefit from the desired level of protection. Cheap door chains can be used as an ornament at best, but never as a means of mechanical protection. You should consider investing at least 10 EUR for a more stable door chain. Starting from 25 EUR, you should find a variety of options with superior qualities and higher strength.

If you are ready to spend a little more, you could opt for a door chain that locks from the outside. You may, however, need to spend some time getting used to handling such a door chain, especially if you are more elderly and your motor skills are limited. Door chains are not recommended for you.

Door chains are helpful when uninvited visitors are at the door. Thus, the house or apartment door can be initially cracked open. From a security point of view, a door chain is more of psychological protection than effective burglary protection.

There are two different models of door chains part of the specialized locksmith trade:

  • Lockable door chains

  • Unlockable door chains

In order to install a door chain, you must first drill the door leaf. If you do not wish to do this, you could choose a door chain model that can be easily hung from the inside right over the doorknob. Chains are a very valuable element when it comes to child safety because infants cannot sneak out of the apartment unnoticed with a door chain installed and in use. The chain itself is made of hardened steel, it is stable and can only be cut using professional tools. However, if a burglar uses more force, a door chain will not suffice as a burglary protection method - it is too easy to tear out of its anchorage using a strong impact.




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