Theft Prevention & Fire Prevention Tips

Written by Teresa M.


Theft Prevention Tips

The prevalence of burglaries in the United States is on the rise every year. There are effective ways you can secure yourself from being a victim of robberies. By improving organizational measures, architectural measures and electronic measures you will achieve a structured security system in anticipation of robberies. For this to work better, you have to apply them in the exact order mentioned above. Even the most experienced robbers work in series. If you notice suspicious behavior such as break-ins happening at your neighbor’s premises or in your neighborhood, contact your local police immediately and implement the guidelines outlined below.

Organizational Measures

SECURITY COMES FIRST, PRACTICE GOOD HABITS- When it comes to maintaining some habits many people often overlook even the very basic ones thus costing them in the end. These are very important to maintain for the initial stages of your security plan. Examples: - manage your keys well; do not leave your keys under mats and other obvious places. Always simulate a presence in the house when on vacations like cutting your hedge before leaving. Always ensure your doors and windows are locked even when leaving the house momentarily. By closing the access barriers even when relatively low, they add to the overall obstacles in the burglar’s escape. Never leave your valuables exposed and in plain sight from outside. Do not expose the packaging of your new television set or HiFi when disposing them instead cut them out. Erase all chalk signs or markings you come across your sidewalks and its adjacent areas.

Architectural Measures

These, for instance, can be improved by strengthening and reinforcing the doors and windows of your house to prevent easy access through breaking in. Today you have a wide range of systems to choose from to improve the security of your house. Your local police will help you establish a security plan and make the right installations such as safety glass, built in safes and safety cylinders at the front door.

Electronic Measures

In the current market, there are many electronic alarm systems available for you. The installation of an electronic security system should come after the application of organizational and technical measures. Otherwise, the installation of the electronic system will have no meaning in the long run.

Fire Prevention Tips

It is always important to secure yourself from the risk of fire from the very start. Every year in the United States there are over 300,000 reported fires which endanger not only property but people’s lives. There are ways you can reduce this risk.

Call on Professionals

When building or renovating your building, you should avoid using easily flammable materials. It is worth remembering that the presence of a flame nearby is not necessary for a material to ignite. If you decide on using wood, make sure it is treated to make it fire proof, sufficiently ventilated and away from a heat source. Ensure that all installations; heating and electrical are carried out correctly by professionals.

Maintain your Devices

Fires are usually caused by devices with a heat source such as heating appliances or the electrical installations. Make sure to service the oil boiler, chimney, and water heater once a year. Regular maintenance of your facilities helps you reduce the risk of fire by always keeping your appliances at a hundred percent efficiency.

Equip Yourself- Smoke Detectors

Plan to install a fire detection system in your hallways and the stairwell. These are the places that air circulates most easily and therefore in the event of a fire, these are the places the fumes would spread to first. Smoke detectors can detect smoke even before the flames appear giving you enough time to respond and shelter. This is very useful especially in the night time when you are asleep. There is a variety of smoke detectors to choose from; the battery-powered detectors are independent of the main electric connection and are very easy to install in your house. There are detectors connected to the mains and equipped with a battery that will be used in case of power failure. The detector will trigger the alarm immediately if it detects smoke hence warning people in the premises. The most suitable detector for home use is the optical smoke detector. When purchasing one, you should check that it is certified and on its packaging. This means that the device has met manufacture quality as it has undergone severe testing.
The smoke detectors have to be placed strategically to achieve maximum function. Place a detector at each level of the stairwell, on the landing giving access to the rooms and even in the rooms with television sets, computer devices, and HiFi systems. Places that you should avoid installing are such as the kitchen area and the bathroom. Kitchen fumes and water vapor will trigger the alarms which would be a false alarm. You can try the detector monthly to make sure it maintains its optimal function. Common cases of malfunction occur if batteries are empty or have been removed. Dust your smoke detector and avoid painting your device.

Security Lighting

The placement of a safety light is a security solution as it will guide you through a smoky pathway in times of emergencies. A safety light should be placed above the entrance door as it will be easier to access it as you make your exit. Place several lights along the route in case of very long exits or winding paths.

Fire Resistant Doors

A fire resistant door, when closed, will not allow the passage of smoke or the gradual rise of temperature in the room next to the one fire has started. This goes a long way to contain the fire situation to a manageable state. A fire resistant door will delay the spread of fire for a period. The door panel, the locks, and the door flame must meet certain requirements and fitted by a professional. Good professionals can help you choose and place fire resistant doors.

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