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You were having an animated conversation on your cell phone while unpacking your groceries and you’ve accidentally closed the trunk with your car keys inside. The question now becomes how to unlock your car truck and retrieve your car keys. First things first, never panic. It sounds basic but can be difficult to put into practice when you are anxious to get back on the road in a hurry. Once you are calm, you’ll want to think about practical solutions to your problem. It is always a good idea to keep a spare set of keys with a trusted friend, family member or neighbor as a precaution. This way, when emergencies like this come up (and they can happen to anyone) you’ll have a solution already in place. If you don’t have a spare key anywhere, you’ll need to make a plan to get your keys back.

Option 1: Do It Yourself

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When trying to get back inside your locked car trunk, there are two routes to take. There’s the do it yourself way or the call for help quick option. If you are extremely handy, you can try different techniques that might work such as:

  • Overriding the trunk release: Override the Trunk Release By using a battery source and accessing your car’s fuse box which will create a short fuse that intern unlocks your trunk.
  • Get the spare car keys: have someone bring them to you or take a cab.
  • Order new car keys
  • Break into the trunk: Break into the trunk through the back seat

If you are not extremely handy, or if you just don’t have the kind of time on your hands that it takes to figure out how exactly to do this, you will want to go the second route and call a locksmith near you.

If you are dead-set on not calling for help, you can always go a little crazy and try to break into your car’s trunk. This is not at all advisable because the amount of damage that you’ll do to your vehicle will be so much more expensive to repair than it would have cost you to simply call for the professional help from the get-go. All things considered, this is far from the ideal way to go about retrieving your keys from your car’s trunk.


Option 2: Try To Open A Locked Car Door and Enter The Trunk Via The Back Seat

If you have an older model car, you might be able to jimmy open the car door locks much more easily than you would be able to unlock the trunk. If you're adept at this technique, you might not even break the car door locks as you progress, which actually happens more often than you'd imagine from all the Hollywood depictions. Once you are in the main cabin of the car, you can either put the back seat down or try to make your way through to the trunk via the backseat armrest compartment whole in the middle. Don't forget to take a torch with you because it can be dark in there! From there you can either retrieve your car keys if they got locked inside, or you can try to turn the locking mechanism from the inside. 

If you DIY, you might break the car window trying to open the trunk

There are a couple of obvious problems with this option though:

1. Most car models from after 2000 don't have access to the car trunk from the back seat

2. Most people are not adept at jimmying open the car door locks and will either entirely break their lock or a window on the way

3. Fitting through that tiny hole in the back seat

4. Your car keys may not have fallen inside the trunk at all

5. On the rare chance that you've succeeded all the way to the final step of this option, the car trunk locking mechanism may not be accessible from within the car trunk either. 


Option 3: Call Specialized Car Locksmith Near You To Open A Locked Car Trunk

If you want quick results that won’t leave you with a damaged vehicle, you’ll want to call on a professional emergency locksmith company to help you out. If you have a smartphone on you can look up a certified locksmith in your area who can come on out and help you right away. Most cars have some sort of a button or manual lever inside the car which can be opened easily from inside the car, which is why most locksmiths would rather try to open your car door lock than the lock on the trunk which is much more complicated to pry open without causing damage to your automobile. The locksmith will have to use specialized tools to get you into your car, so it’s always a good idea to let him know exactly what the issue is before he arrives so that he can come equipped with all the tools he needs to get your keys out of your car trunk as quickly and painlessly as possible.


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