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Master key systems are a great solution for businesses, as they provide multiple levels of access. To have a master key system installed in your home, call now!

If you are managing an apartment building, or if you are an expanding business, you should be congratulated. In tough economic times, many businesses aren’t in the position to boost growth. But growth often means hiring more workers, or maybe moving into a new, larger building, and that means reassessing your security system. Master key systems are an excellent option for many.

Master key systems are especially compatible with:

  • Residential buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial factories
  • Storage facilities

In the course of evaluating the type of security you have, it might be suitable to consider a master-key system. Master keys are used in apartment complexes and hotels, for maintenance staff and in case of an emergency locksmith situation. But larger businesses use them for those reasons too. Businesses also use master keys so that the boss can have key access to all of the doors, while employees can open only certain doors.

What’s a Master Key System?

What does a master key do? A master key system is designed simply for one key to open a number of doors. While there are a number of different types of locks, most work by the same general concept. So a master-key system is compatible with most lock systems, from customary keys to the most advanced electronic systems. In fact, the more advanced electronic and card security systems are by nature master-key systems.

Locks in a master system have more than one key; the “change” key opens a specific lock, while the master key will open that lock and several others. One of the drawbacks of a master key system is in the nature of how it works. A lock that can be opened by more than one key is usually a bit easier to pick or bump. As a matter of fact, to feel more secure, some apartment renters choose to get off of a master key and have a more customary lock installed. They simply have the lock changed to a non-master lock and give an extra key to the landlord. Changing to or from a master-key system may simply require re-keying, rather than changing the lock altogether.

Levels of Keys in a Master Key System

There is a clear hierarchy of clearance when it comes to master key systems. Each level of master key type unlocks an additional level of doors.

Change Keys – This is the lowest level key. On its own, it is a regular key that can unlock just one type of key.

Master Keys – Also called the MK, this key unlock some or all of the lock on the first level.

Grand Master Keys– Also called GMKs, these keys can unlock several master key systems.

Great Grand Master Key – These keys can unlock each master key system under it, as well as all the levels under it.

The amounts of levels possible within a master key system are endless. To have an expert come and install a master key system for you, contact our team today.

Benefits of a Master Key System

There are so many benefits to getting a master key system set up in your residence or business. There are major security advantages to having a hierarchy as well as practical benefits that add a level of convenience on a daily basis.

Master Keys Offer Conveniences

Having a master key system specially designed for your space can not only add a level of security protection, but it also proves to be extremely convenient for many practical reasons.

Here is why so many are switching to master key systems:

  • There are fewer keys needed to carry around
  • Higher levels of security
  • Master key systems can be tailor-made
  • It is so convenient
  • Limits access to lower-level employees

With the added conveniences that master keys offer, it is no wonder why so many are availing themselves of our master key system installation services.

An Added Level of Security

Larger businesses also employ a hierarchy type of master-key system that includes several levels of keys. In this system, some workers have key access to just one door, while a supervisor has access to a few doors, and the boss can unlock all of the doors.

If you’re considering a master-key system, On Time Locksmith is the first place to call. We are experts on key-control systems that offer ideal security we’ll send out an expert to check your present system and make suggestions on your needs. Keep our number handy, and keep your success secure.

To have a master key system set up, contact our business locksmiths today!

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