How Luggage Smart Locks Work

Having to travel with just one bag is difficult enough when you have a lot of layovers, a train to hop on, and somewhere to be on time, not to mention while carrying valuable documents, jewelry, clothes, or a laptop in your luggage. Luggage security is critical, no matter if you are responsible for one or several bags on a business or leisure trip.  Luggage locks are popular solutions that can ensure a decent level of safety for most people. However, they also come with a number of vulnerabilities and drawbacks, mainly regarding the risk of losing the keys or forgetting the combination lock codes.  This is where luggage smart locks come into the picture. Find out how smart locks for luggage work and why they are a good alternative to standard luggage locks. 

What Are Smart Locks for Luggage?luggage smart locks

Smart locks for luggage are keyless locking security options for your bags that replace standard metal keys with a smartphone or a different smart device. In other words, your smartphone will take the role of the key that will control the security of your bags, via a special app you will need to download and install on your smart device.  These locks rely on Bluetooth or NFC technology and they enable complete lock management with a single push of a button, as long as you are the rightful owner of the lock and as long as the smart device you will use will be within the correct range of the lock.   Instead of worrying about having to remember several 3-digit combination codes for all your travel bags on your next family vacation, or having a hard time dialing the codes on the tiny wheel dials on the locks, try a smart luggage lock. It will not only eliminate all these stresses, but it will also bring you a few interesting features thanks to its amazing mechanics and functions.

How Do Luggage Smart Locks Work?

A smart lock for luggage relies on Bluetooth technology to communicate with a smart device such as a smartphone and lock and unlock the luggage with a simple push of a button. Some luggage smart lock types are also capable of re-locking themselves if the small rope part of the locking mechanism is not taken out by hand, thus preventing the lock from accidentally unlocking on its own.

Proximity Tracking

Smart locks for bags also have proximity trackers installed on them, which means their connected app will send out notifications in real-time to let you know every time your bags are left behind by accident, or in case someone attempts to steal them from a crowded place.


The majority of today's luggage smart locks require iOS or Android on the smart devices they will be used with. The great majority of these models also have built-in key locks that are approved by the TSA and safer and more convenient to use at airports across the country.

Multi-Layover Luggage Security 

Smart locks for luggage can also help you keep better track of your bags during multi-stopover or multi-layover flights when your bags will normally travel from one terminal and location to the next. If having your bags lost by the airline company is one of your worst nightmares when traveling, such a lock could be just the solution you were looking for.

Backup Button

Another important luggage smart lock mechanism worth mentioning here is the backup button that can be activated with the right access code in case your phone is out of battery or you are unable to use it to manage your luggage locks.

Shared Access

The shared-access option will also let the family members or friends you will be traveling with to manage your bags whenever needed by adding their credentials in the app. You will also know when your bags were last opened and who has unlocked them, so if this is something that might interest you, these locks are a good option.

Advantages of Smart Locks for Luggage

  • Usually, you will be able to easily manage a smart lock for luggage by tapping on the app on your phone to unlock and lock on the spot.
  • There is no need to worry about memorizing several combination codes or safely guard the metal keys to a standard luggage lock key.
  • Luggage smart locks rely on encrypted IDs that will accurately identify every smart device that has been paired with it.
  • You will enjoy enhanced access authentication safety via the millions of user-defined IDs.
  • These locks feature TSA-compatible built-in key locks for smooth and hassle-free access for TSA personnel in all American airports.
  • These locks allow you to deny access to older IDs provided you have lost your previous smart device.
  • Charging the smart lock for an hour will usually fuel it for an entire year. Plus, the USB terminal will also be offered as a backup source from an external USB. Along with the batteries that are easy to replace, the cool colored LEDs and buzzers that will alert you whenever your luggage has been locked and unlocked, these locks come with some impressive perks.
  • They are weatherproof and dust-proof and their size is similar to the standard conventional combination key lock.
  • They feature top-security encrypted authentication with the help of the hundreds of millions of IDs that are not matched by regular combination 000 to 999 codes. It is also possible to re-define your ID with the help of a preferred combination of letters and numbers.

AirBolt, Safedome iTrack Smart Luggage Bluetooth Padlock, Conan Travel Sentry's 3-Dial Lock with TealFingerprint, or the MyPIinTopMore Fingerprint Lock are just a few of the best luggage smart lock types and models to look into right now for their excellent features.

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