Apartment Security Systems

Apartment Security Systems

There are lots of great reasons to live in the city center in a high rise apartment block. Just like in the classic comedy show, Friends, high rise living can offer easy access to the multitudes of exciting social and work prospects of the big city life.

Along with the benefits of city living, however, there are also risks and dangers. In heavily populated areas, crime rates are on the rise, where homicides up 72% from last year, shootings up 88%, while burglaries and general thefts are also on the increase. If you choose to enjoy the benefits of inner-city living, you should consider taking action to secure your home and make sure that both it and you are properly protected!

Apartments are Easily Accessible

To implement an effective high rise apartment security system, you need to consider more options to make sure your place is safe. “Why?” I hear you ask. It’s because high rise apartments are generally much more easily accessible. Everyone in your building has access to your personal door. Other people in your building may recognize them and not consider them out of place trying to access your apartment. Or alternatively, they might have plenty of time to work on your apartment’s front door lock from the privacy of a small, dimly lit corridor.

Not to mention, each person in your building has visitors, friends, family, service providers and generally speaking, there is a lot more traffic going in and out of your building than you might realize. Even if every person in your building and all their friends are trustworthy, a stranger waltzing through the building lobby like he’s got a legitimate purpose there may go unnoticed or uninterrupted.

Finally, you can get away with exterior locks and maybe a camera at the front or the back of a house if you are feeling the need for extra security. In a high-rise building apartment, you might need to think about both the security of your individual apartment and the security of the building’s entranceway. You might even consider working together with other apartment owners, or even just with those on your floor, to make sure you are all as secure as you possibly can be.

What Kind of Overall Apartment Security Do We Recommend?

We recommend you consider your apartment security in three steps:

  1. Building security:
    - Does your building have a doorman?
    - A locked entrance only apartment holders have a key to?

    - Does it have an intercom system linked to video surveillance of the front entranceway?
    - Does your elevator have a working emergency button and video surveillance?
    If you answered no to any of these questions, you should speak with your building supervisor. If they aren’t interested, perhaps you should consider moving to a different building!

  2. Your Floor Security:
    - Is there a rotating video camera on your floor?
    - Is there sufficient lighting in your corridor?
    - Do you know who your neighbors are? Or would you at least recognize them by face?
    - Does the fire escape have any kind of push bar or locking system?

    If you answered no to any of these questions, perhaps it’s time you take the initiative and call a floor meeting, invite your neighbors over for a coffee or take matters into your own hands!

  3. Your Personal Apartment Security:
    - Did you change the locks when you moved in? You never know who lived there before or who has a copy to your key.
    - Does your apartment have a peephole so you can visually check who’s at the door?
    - Does your apartment door have a swing lock or a chain lock?
    -Does your apartment have modern security locks for apartments or an older style, easily picked lock?
    - Does your apartment have its own alarm system?
    - Does your fire escape window lock properly and securely? Is it linked to your apartment’s security system?

    If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to call On Time Locksmiths!

Security Alarm Systems for Apartments

You might think that when it comes to protecting property, home security systems are the same things as systems for apartment living. However, while most security systems are pretty similar, there are some features that are particularly worthwhile investing in. For example, systems with long-range options or intercom monitoring systems that let you see and communicate with whoever is standing outside your home.

There is a diverse range of specialized apartment security accessories and alarm systems for apartments, and our expert home locksmiths can help you decide on a system that meets your needs. 

Call On Time Locksmiths’ residential locksmith services for a professional security assessment and upgrade for your apartment. 

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