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Every year, Americans face around 2.5 million burglaries. Out of them, sixty-six percent are represented by break-ins. Even more and as expected, burglars prefer homes with zero security systems, since they are likely to have an easier time getting in and out without anything noticing. Official statistics speak of a 300% higher likelihood of a home with no alarm system installed to be broken into. Without a doubt, having at least basic knowledge of the best home security systems on the market could make the difference between a safe home and one that could easily fall victim to a burglary. Unfortunately, only around 17 percent of all American homes have an alarm system installed. If you do not count among them and you are interested in learning more about the best home security systems you could invest in, this following information should come in handy.

Choose A Home Alarm System That Is Tailored To Your Needs

It is important to not only to find a system that matches your budget limitations, but also one that has all the features you are looking for. Whether you are looking for the most advanced smart security system for your two-story house, complete home automation equipment that features an alarm system with monitored security and no contract fees, a self-monitored system or the most flexible system on the market, these next suggestions should give you some good ideas on what to expect.

The Most Flexible Home Security System

If you do not need ongoing monitored security for your home, you could opt for the SimpliSafe system that incurs no contractual obligations. This means that you will have no problem pausing and turning the monitoring on again whenever you will need to, with zero complications. This alternative is also suitable for people running on a tight budget. The brand is a popular and experienced one with a more affordable price range, i.e. lower prices and monitoring fees. However, you should expect more limitations in terms of home automation support compared to other flexible systems. With a simple installation and a nice design, the system also works with the August lock, Alexa and Nest thermostats.

You can also ask one of our home locksmiths to fit an indoor camera and a video doorbell and enjoy a more complete security system. We advise you to opt for the mobile access option as part of a complete interactive plan.

The Best High-End Home Security System

We recommend the Vivint specialists as providers of one of the best high-end solutions for home security systems you can buy at the moment. The investment will force you to dig a little deeper into your pocket, but the advantages of such a system that it will bring will make it all worthwhile. Expect one-of-a-kind equipment and one of the most flexible payment solutions in the industry, along with the continuous efforts this brand is putting towards upgrading their technology and make it compatible with smart home technologies. You could also opt for fewer options for a lower price or consider buying the equipment upfront and thus enjoy the zero contract obligation solutions. The system can be used with mobile devices and it also features medical pendant support. If you are interested in having such a system installed in your home, make sure you contact a nearby locksmith and have them handle the setup to avoid any problems.

Best DIY Home Security System

If you consider yourself decently handy and you would like to set up your own home alarm system, Ring has just the right product for you. Just keep in mind that there have been a number of reported breaches and complaints from users that have had their camera feeds breached and viewed by strangers. The company claims these problems occurred because users did not take the necessary precautionary measures to stop this. While the system comes with simple setup requirements and easy monitoring solutions, it might not be suitable for everyone's needs given the rather limited home automation support the system includes. Make sure you check all the features and options of the system or get in touch with our customer support for more details on our recommended security alarm system installation services.

Integrated Home Security Systems

Xfinity home security by Ontime LocksmithsThe Comcast Xfinity Home system is more than a regular home alarm. It can be easily used together with keypads, controllers and even motions sensors and sensors you can fit on your doors and windows. You will get to watch your video feeds and all of your security camera recordings on your big smart TV and rely the on the voice recognition options of the remote controller, to manage all the settings of your home security system, along with smart locks or lightbulbs and other home automation devices.

If you are interested in relying on just one company to provide you with a comprehensive home automation system, you could take advantage of their all-inclusive monthly subscription used by many of their one million subscribers.

Smart Home Security Systems

The AT&T home security system is a top-notch 24/7 system that is monitored by specialists and offers the entire array of options and solutions ranging from email and SMS alerts in real-time, smartphone, tablet, and computer access. A wireless solution that requires no landline, sensors for contact surfaces, indoor sirens, keypads, motions sensors.  Fully compatibility with the majority of high-speed ISP services and more.

AI Home Security Cameras

If you are passionate about the latest gadgets and technology advents and you would like to incorporate a few of them in your home security project, you could check out the Canary home solutions. This is another complete home security system that brings together high intelligence security features and wondrous AI technology. It comes with 1080p HD video cameras that rely on Artificial Intelligence. The state-of-the-art technology allows you to receive smart alerts on your phone in the form of image thumbnails that can correctly make the difference between the motion of people or pets.

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