The Best Lock Brands That You Can Trust

top lock brands

There are several great lock brands on the market but it is imperative that you search for one that offers maximum protection at affordable prices.

There have been huge changes in the security requirements of homes and businesses in the past few years. Presently, offices and homeowners are facing difficulties pertaining to ensuring the safety of their family and property.

In order to offer high-security to homes and businesses, the leaders in lock manufacturing have created and designed a large range of high-security, advanced and innovative security systems.

If you are searching the market for the top lock systems, check our list of the most popular and best lock brands. This should give you an idea about the types of locks and their security features.

Kwikset: Affordable and Secure Lock System

Kwikset is a primary brand manufacturer of locks that people can depend on. Established in 1946, Kwikset produces locksets that are designed with the requirements of users kept in mind. They put a lot of planning and effort into protecting your possessions and offices. Kwikset’s locks are of the best quality with premium anti-lock bumping technology and contemporary styles. 

There are several kinds of Kwikset locks available, but the popular ones are keyless entry combination-locks, SmartKey security deadbolts, and electronic locks.

The launch of the SmartKey rekey technology by this company made this service affordable for all types of users.

In addition, Kwikset has also created Home Connect Technology, which links the touchpad electronic deadbolt to function with home security networks. This made it easy to provide a large range of access control options.

Yale: Excellently Designed with the Latest Technology

Yale is one of the oldest, well-known and reputed lock brands and is a leading choice of many people worldwide. The motive of the company is to offer secure and affordable locks to their consumers so that they don’t have to live in fear.

Yale products are designed brilliantly and incorporated with the latest advanced technologies. They are built with solid materials and include a contemporary finish to lend them exclusive designs. In order to keep up with the latest needs of highly secure electronic locks, Yale has launched a series of smart lock systems, which include smart devices that manage, control and offer protection to your home!

There is a large range of Yale lock systems such as Smart Alarm, Smart Door Lock, and Digital Door Viewer to take your home security to the next level. The best thing that all Yale lock systems offer is affordability without comprising quality. Yale smart door locks allow you to open the door with a code, key tag or an app. In addition, you are notified on your device when anyone enters or exits your house.

Schlage: The Brand of its Own

Schlage has made quite a name for itself in the lock industry and does not need any introduction. It is an international and reputed lock brand that offers a large range of high-security locks including Smart Locks, Deadbolts, Handlesets, Levers, Knobs, and Electronic Locks. It is worth noting that all types of Schlage locks are built with premium metal that makes them more durable and secure, therefore, you will have a lifetime warranty with Schlage locks.

 Experts recommend homeowners to use light commercial-grade deadbolts by Schlage. The mechanical and electronic deadbolts have superb metallic construction and a plated key. They are available in single and double cylinders and in a smart format as well. These locks also come with finger-print resistant screens and can link to your smart apps. You will find these locks in a large range of impressive styles and designs and what’s more, is that they don’t take a lot of time for installation as they are installed within a few minutes.

One of the smartest and strongest locks by Schlage is the Sense Smart Deadbolt, which includes a bright touch-screen that requires you to enter a code to open your front door. Interestingly, they are very simple to operate and come in sleek designs!

Medeco: Your Best Solution for Security Needs

Founded in 1968, Medeco locks have been a favorite of homeowners for nearly a half-decade. They are still offering a premium solution to the security needs of a myriad of people and offices worldwide. They aim to create innovative locks with the latest technology and great styles!

Medeco locks are made to offer high-security to customers and they come with restricted-keyway locks, which simply means that keys cannot be copied by anyone without a proper identification card. These locks are extensively used in homes, hospitals, universities, banks, and schools and are highly secure locks that offer the best control, safety, and security. 

Medeco offers lock and key systems in numerous categories, such as Deadbolts, Key in Knob/Lever, Visa navigation, Rim & Mortise Cylinders, Padlocks, International Cylinders, Cabinet Locks, Cam Locks, Switch Locks, Banking Security Locks, Vending Equipment Locks, and Parking Equipment Locks.

ASSA ABLOY: The Premium Lock Manufacturers

ASSA ABLOY is a leading name in the global lock market. This company was established in 1994 with the collaboration of Abloy Finland and ASSA Sweden and they specialize in offering cutting-edge, high security and dependable lock systems for consumers, institutional and commercial markets!

The widespread product selection of ASSA ABLOY provides an array of security systems, such as Identification technology, Hotel security, Entrance automation, Mobile access, Security doors, Access control, and Mechanical & Electro-mechanical locking.

The deadbolts by ASSA ABLOY include a hard steel body that offers great resistance to drilling and they come with a hardened steel bolt and solid screws to prevent prying. You can also check their high-security locks with restricted keys that include key and knob levers, rim cylinders, IC cores, Padlock, profile cylinders, and more.

Mul-T-Lock: The Leaders in the Lock Industry

Mul-T-Lock has a large range of efficient locking solutions for consumers. The deadbolt offered by this company is extremely strong and durable as it comes with a strike that is completely encased. On closing the locks, the system becomes inseparable without a key, which makes it difficult for intruders to pick it.

In addition, their key is unique with magnets and side dimples to avoid duplication, picking and lock bumping. The Mul-T-Lock includes a large assortment of lock types for basic home use, cam locks, padlocks and more!

Stay Safe and Stay Secure with High-Secure Lock Systems

With the rising demand for securing homes and offices, many lock companies have come up with the latest lock systems with advanced technologies. All of these locking systems pass the strictest tests for quality and industry standards and these products are designed with the aim to offer the best security for consumers.

Get your homes and offices protected with the best security system in the market today! Stay safe and stress-free today!

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