Solar Power Wireless CCTV and Alarm Systems

Solar wireless alarm systems are excellent for supervising areas that would not otherwise be covered by a traditional alarm system inside or around the house. Another advantage of owning a solar alarm system stems from the fact that it can help lower the carbon footprint of any homeowner looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Are you interested in investing in such a solar power kit for security cameras? Let us have a quick look at a few of the main features of these systems and understand the mechanism behind them.

How Do Wireless Solar Alarm Systems Work?

solar powered cctv kits

Solar alarm systems harness natural solar energy in order to power home CCTV security cameras. This environmentally-friendly source of energy is turned into electrical power that is needed to make these cameras work. The process is completed via solar panels that are used to capture the sunlight and transform it into DC or direct current electricity. The next step of the process involves an inverter whose purpose is to transform the DC into AC, or alternating current electricity. In turn, AC will be used by the CCTV system to work.

What About When There Is No Sun In the Sky?

Most wireless CCTV cameras that rely on solar energy use backup batteries that are rechargeable. This means the system will continue to work even when the energy from the sun is missing, as well as on rain, when it is snowing, and when other elements may be affecting the functionality of the system.

Why Makes Solar Wireless Alarm Systems Beneficial?

  • solar powered security alarms can be used in areas that are difficult to reach 
    Wireless alarm systems powered by energy from the sun rely on WiFi connections in order to work. This means the CCTV cameras parts of these systems can be moved around and installed in all parts of the house, as well as remote areas outside the house that are more difficult to access, where running electrical wiring and cables would be too expensive to run. Many homeowners are interested in installing CCTV cameras on the rooftop so they can have more coverage, since there is no need to worry about cables and power grids. Sheds, barns, warehouses, vacation homes, or RVS are other common locations where these cameras can be used.
  • these systems run on rechargeable batteries
    Solar alarm systems feature built-in battery chargers for rechargeable batteries that will keep the alarm system and the CCTV cameras working nonstop, all-year-round, with zero interruptions, no matter how harsh the weather conditions might be. Also, living in an area where with frequent power outages, a solar powered kit for security cameras is an excellent solution. By using such a wireless system, you will also enjoy more freedom of movement, extra convenience, and peace of mind knowing your home is closely and continuously supervized with the help of your system.

  • CCTV solar power systems have longer lifespans
    Usually, the manufacturers of these systems provide standards warranties for the span of 25 years. These cameras will continue to generate around 80% of their power capacity aven after the standard warranty has expired. maintenance is also very quick and easy.
  • solar powered CCTV cameras are more sustainable
    More and more people have started to adopt the ”green” or environmentally-friendly lifestyle that is more sustainable and focuses on limiting the daily resources they use in their daily life. Lots of these people have already started using solar panels to provide electrical power to their households, with positive effects on the environment, as well as their electricity bills. This option is already on the wishlists of many other people. It would seem only natural for a similar approach to be embraced when it comes to powering the wireless home alarm systems that play a critical role in ensuring the security of a home. The non-stop functioning of these systems is mandatory, as the cameras must continue to capture images, record and store footage in all weather conditions, 24/7, even in those areas where running electrical wires would be too expensive or complicated.

  • solar powered cameras are fully scalable
    You can easily add a few more security cameras to such a system and get to watch live streams from several cameras at the same time, straight on a smartphone or laptop.
  • wireless solar alarm systems offer top quality images
    You could opt for an indoor or an outdoor solar powered security kit that can withstand all the elements while making sure the model is compatible with smart and wireless security cameras with 1080p full HD resolution. The clearer the images on your cameras, the greater the chances for the police to rapidly identify any potential intruders that have entered your home and stolen some goods.  You could opt for an infrared solar powered security system that detects heat and features night vision solutions or one that accepts voice commands.

Types Of Powered Wireless Home Security Cameras

There are two main types of solar powered CCTV cameras you could opt for:

  • CCTV solutions that feature built-in panels into cameras, which offer simple and quick installation and 100% independence from the grid

  • CCTV solutions with separate solar panels, which are CCTV cameras connected to solar panels as their main energy source for the outdoors

Which of these models you should shop for will ultimately depend on your budget size and exact needs. 

How Much Do WiFi Solar Power CCTV Cameras Cost?

The cost of a top-quality WiFi solar powered security camera might be considered a little too high by some homeowners who have yet to discover all the advantages of owning such a kit. However, the perks that will immediately stem from these systems will always outweigh the initial investment costs. Their impressively long lifespan and the fact that more cameras can be continuously added to the solar panels are two of the strongest arguments to consider.  Instead of opting for poor resolution solar cameras or dummy solar powered CCTV cameras, it is best to invest in high-quality kits cameras from brands you can trust. For more home security solutions and tips, get in touch with us today!

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