Expert Tire Replacement Services

Inevitably, the tires on any vehicle will get worn out, punctured, or get damaged because of road incidents or severe accidents, requiring fixing or replacement. We specialize in offering all types of tire replacement and tire repair services for all makes and models of vehicles. We cover all US states and remote areas and you can find us 24/7 through our trained and mobile teams of experts.

Emergency tire change services provided on the side of the road are popular requests that the On Time Locksmiths team receives periodically. If you are in desperate need of roadside tire assistance, pick up the phone and dial our number. We will reach you in less than half an hour and get you back on the road in no time.

Professional Tire Replacement & Tire Repair Services We Offertire change

Fewer things will normally slow you down like dealing with a flat tire on your car. Wasting precious time and resources on going to a shop to fix a punctured tire is a task lots of drivers would prefer to avoid. This is the reason why On Time has worked at creating a comprehensive list of mobile tire solutions throughout the country.  We can reach you whether you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, out of state, in the countryside, or on a busy highway and help you resume your driving in the shortest time possible, usually in just a few minutes.  Get in touch with us and schedule an appointment with us if you need:

  • 24-hour emergency tire replacement
  • punctured tire solutions
  • deflated tire services
  • quick fixes for flat tires
  • the installation of new tires
  • winter tire changeover services
  • periodical tire rotation
  • tire inspection

tire replacementWhile DIY solutions for changing a tire are a good option in some cases, lots of drivers might be lacking the necessary tools, replacement tires, or know-how needed to get the job done. This is why it is better to rely on an experienced and fully trained technician whose job is to inspect tires, identity the problems, and provide fast and accurate repair or replacement solutions. We have the right tools, expertize, and skills needed to rapidly replace any flat or punctured tires beyond the point of repair, assess and recommend tire replacement in case of worn-out or poorly performing tires, and help you enjoy more stability and safety on the road.

Tires that are not maintained and services in time will not withstand slippery roads or rainy weather conditions, and they will eventually put your security at risk while driving long distances. Let us advise you whether you should consider having your old tires replaced or if you require a different service.

We Cover All States, 24/7

We know how important it is to immediately get in touch with the right people who can assist you just when you need it, with no delays, extra fees, and additional hassle. Our mobile teams are spread across all states, regions, and remote areas that are more difficult to access. This means they can reach you in less than half an hour, day and night, holidays and weekends included. No matter if you need help with large tires with a diameter of 26'' or 35'', damaged wheels on a supercar, chrome, allow, or magnesium wheels, winter, all-season, or off-road tire problems, electronic, personal, light-duty truck, SUV, or motorcycle tire replacement services, we are here for you.

Fast and Affordable Tire Installation Solutions

Whether you already have a spare set of tires in your garage or you are planning on ordering them online, allow us to assist you with installing them at your own location. Save yourself an unnecessary trip to your mechanic.

Tire Rotation Solutions

By periodically rotating your tires, you will get to benefit from enhanced safety on the road, the maximum lifespan for the tires, and the prevention of uneven wear-and-tear.

Flat Tire Repairs

Once we will be done assessing your burst or flat tires, we will recommend the best course of action:

  • patching repair
  • spare or temporary tire replacement
  • air fill-up
  • new tire installation

Tire Balancing Services

We also provide assistance with any tire mounting or tire balancing requests for all makes and models of vehicles. You can expect your tires to be flawlessly mounted and properly balanced in order to steer clear from any potential vibration issues, smooth steering difficulties, and quick wear-out.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Resetting Services

Tires that work well are required to have certain optimum pressure parameters that must be constantly maintained to avoid problems on the road. We can assist you with tire expert pressure monitoring system reset solutions during the installation of new tires. We are also trained to quickly fix the TPMS on any car using specialized kits.

Tire Replacement Solutions

While not complicated, the procedure of replacing busted or flat tires does require following several steps and using specialized equipment. A wrong move could easily lead to damage to the vehicle or physical injuries. For expensive cars or vehicles with more complex mechanisms that keep tire poppers in place, it is best to rely on pros to avoid any unwanted problems.

No matter if you need emergency flat tire replacement on the side of the road, mobile tire balancing, or air fill-ups, give us a call and let us come to your rescue. We are quick, affordable, and available nationwide, and we can help with other car lock, key, or ignition problems.

What Customers Say About Us

Jannie W.
W. 29th street

Dave is great! He was punctual and professional. And after installing the new locks on all of our doors, he cleaned up after himself! The same cannot be said for the last service I hired… would definitely recommend and use again!

Adrian Stanton
S Kenton Ave

We live not too far from Chicago and I spend about a hour and a half to get to my office. Mornings are always in a hurry for me and a broken door would be the worst I could expect. However, this was exactly what happened. I had no time to lose and so I called 247 Ontime Locksmiths. The expert guy from Locksmiths could fix the problem and I could go to work.

Tim Lewis
E Van Buren St

My car door didn’t open at all. Just a phone call to 24/7 Local Locksmiths and in less than 15 minutes I could drive my car again! Good job!