Breathalyzers For Car Locks And Ignitions

Car Breathalyzer

Have you been required by the court to install Breathalyzers for your car's ignitions? We here at On Time Locksmith can help! Call us today for a quote.

Breathalyzers for car ignitions are also referred to as ignition interlock devices or ignition interlock systems. Simply put, they are special devices that can be tied to a car's starter and require drivers to submit breath samples so they can start their vehicles. These breath samples will then proceed to measure the drivers' breath alcohol concentration and enable the drivers to immediately start their car, provided their level of breath alcohol concentration is below a certain amount. If the opposite occurs and the value the breathalyzer records is above the legal level in the respective state, the driver will not be able to start the engine.

Depending on the US state where this ignition interlock device is required to be installed, this BRAC (breath alcohol concentration) level will tend to vary.

How Does A Car Breathalyzer Work?

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Ignition interlocks devices are designed to stop drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel of their cars and jeopardizing their safety and the well-being of the rest of the drivers on the road. The breathalyzer is connected to the ignition switch at a previously established blood alcohol concentration level, in accordance with the level established by the state you are in. This level is usually set extremely low which means even the smallest amount of alcohol could prevent you from starting the car. Blowing into the device and being over the preset limit will stop the vehicle from starting for a certain amount of time, usually between 5 to 30 minutes. Once that time has expired, the driver can blow into the device once again. If he fails, the breathalyzer will proceed to lock the car down for an even longer period of time.

All breathalizers need to meet local and state regulations, together with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards.

How Much Does A Car Breathalyzer Cost?

The cost of car breathalyzers differs based on a series of factors such as the type of car you are driving and the timeframe for which you are required to use the respective breathalyzer. Some car makes and models will be more expensive than others when it comes to breathalyzer fitting and using. For more information on any costs, you may need to cover having such a device connected to your vehicle, feel free to contact us and let us provide you with the exact information you need, suitable for the area where you live.

Car Breathalyzer Installation Services For Car Ignitions

The On Time Locksmiths team specializes in all types of locksmith installation, repair and maintenance services for automobiles. With special emphasis on lock and key repairs and replacement, we are ready to care for your every need in the shortest time possible and at affordable rates. We can handle anything from fresh lock installation to broken transponder system repairs and re-programming. We also handle interlock installation services, no matter what make and model of a vehicle you might be driving.

We cover all nationwide locations, no matter if you live in a big city or a more remote area that is more difficult to reach. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment and allow us to send over one of our most skilled and experienced lock technicians to handle the breathalyzer car lock installation for you. We can come over to your exact address and save you precious time, money and energy.

Why Choose Our Ignition Interlock Services?


For starters, we are familiar with the entire range of legal requirements in every US state and we can provide you with the precise and detailed guidance you need to get started. We know installing an interlock device on your ignition might be a rather daunting or stressful process for you as a driver. We are here to simplify all steps and help you embrace this experience more smoothly.

We can provide you with installation assistance no matter where you might be located. We specialize in one-button, no-humming interlock devices that are easy to use and manage. We are proud to say that our customer support service is one of the friendliest and highest rated services in the country, and we warmly invite you to get in touch with us for any questions, concerns or curiosities concerning any of our services. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, holidays included. We can service and repair any broken breathalyzers and help you get back on the road in no time.

We know having a DUI conviction on record is not easy to cope with, and that, like most drivers, you need to spend lots of hours in court and hundreds of dollars on fines. A breathalyzer may be another consequence of your reckless act of driving under the influence, and while there is nothing you can do to alter this decision, you can simplify the process. We are here to make sure that happens for you. We can guide you through the ignition interlock installation process and make sure you will successfully complete the program with zero interference.

Failing A Rolling Test

Some states may require drivers to blow into their vehicle's car breathalyzers when their cars are on the move on the roads, for a so-called ‘rolling retest’. Failing this particular test will cause the alarm or horn to sound and the lights to start flashing. This will occur until the driver will be pulled over and the engine will stop. It will not, however, shut the car off but it will instead require the driver to immediately and effectively pull over to a safe place and have an additional test done.

The first month of driving with a breathalyzer in your vehicle tends to be the most difficult to cope with. A skilled, experienced and friendly locksmith service like ours will help you simplify your adjustment. All data received from the drivers' breath samples will be automatically sent to the DMV or to court. The device is commonly used by most US states as a means of revoking driving privileges during DUI incidents.


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