Car Ignition Key Extraction Considerations

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Do you need professional car key extraction services for a stuck key in the ignition? Call (888) 979-7923 now! On-Time Locksmiths is your go-to local mobile service in town. We service all vehicle brands and models and we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no exception.

Ignition Key Extraction Services We Offer 

We specialize in a range of locksmith emergency services. including: safely extracting jammed, stuck or broken keys from any ignition type, using the most advanced tools in the industry. We are experts in the following services:

  • stuck key removal from the broken ignition switch

  • broken key removal from ignition

  • rusty or bent key extraction solutions

  • replacement keys

  • broken ignition repair and replacement

Stuck Key Removal From Ignition

Whether this is your first time when you are dealing with a stuck key in the ignition or you have been repeatedly dealing with this issue for a while, we have a quick and efficient solution for you.

Provided this is the first time when the key has remained stuck in the ignition, our experts will first try to see if setting the parking gear can solve the issue. More often than not, drivers have a difficult time getting the key out of the ignition because the parking gear has not been set. The simple selection of the P/Park option on the automatic transmission or Neutral for vehicles that use manual transmission will usually fix this problem on the spot.

If this does not work, our trained locksmiths will safely jiggle the steering wheel back and forth a few times and try to pull out the key safely. On some cars, when the steering column-wheel locks as a means of preventing potential thieves from stealing the car, it results in a greater amount of pressure on the mechanism of the ignition, which means the driver will not be able to pull out the key normally. Our technicians know just what kind of pressure to put on the steering wheel and the lock to avoid any damage.

If the key remains stuck in the ignition, spraying some WD-40 in the lock could help solve the problem. A special tool will next be fitted in the space between the ignition's lock and the jammed key. If our locksmiths will notice any trace of damage that the key might show, they will immediately have the key replaced for you. If the key is simply covered in dirt, grime or rust, they will proceed to use a series of cleaning solutions to have the key thoroughly cleaned for you.

If none of the previous methods works, our technicians will most likely recommend you to have the old lock changed. We carry replacement cylinders in our fully equipped vans and we can assist you on the spot, no matter how old or new your vehicle and what brand and model you might need help with.

We Work With Professional Key Extractor Tools

Car key ignition extraction - Ontime LocksmithsWith the help of a professional, original, high-quality broken key extractors manufactured by reputable manufacturers like Peterson, we will get any job done safe and sound. We work with top-tier three-piece extractor sets, car extractor pliers, scissor sets that are used for extracting jammed or broken keys and key parts, small-sized saw-tooth extractors, and extractors used for sidewinder shims. We travel with complete sets of tools on us and this allows us to save precious time and energy. All of the items we work with have been tested by our experts and approved to be used on the field, 24/7. We carry only the sturdiest and most reliable tools that can help us accurately remove any broken key from the ignition, so give us a call before your try any DIY solutions that could potentially damage the ignition or the key.

The SouthOrd Mini Broken Key Extractor Set is one of the most efficient sets of tools that our locksmiths carry. Thanks to the tiny tips that can successfully grip in extremely small spaces, these tools are much more efficient compared to other standard key extraction tools. The set consists of different tools that feature handles for easy grip and enhanced convenience. Each of these extractors relies on a distinct tip, which means that our technicians should have no problem manipulating any type of key and ignition. All of our toolsets are safely carried in leather cases with protective snaps that ensure flawless storage and carrying on-site.

Another tool our car locksmiths use frequently is the Peterson's Sidewinder shim extractor, which comes with a bent finger that easily slides along the blade of the jammed key. The tool also uses a shim that is 0.004 inches wide, along with a tapered nose. Once the sidewinders will start to lift and remove the pins, the bent finger will penetrate the key cut. At this point, our locksmiths will be able to easily remove the key. If you own a vehicle that features high-security locks such as pin tumbler cylinders, the sidewinder is one of the most efficient tools our technicians can use to remove a broken key. The sturdiness of these tools also allows us to successfully pull our any broken keys and pieces of keys from the ignition cylinder.

Emergency Ignition And Key Replacement Services 

Once a broken key has been successfully removed from the ignition cylinder, our car locksmiths can decide to have the ignition cylinder replaced. This is usually the case when dealing with a faulty or severely worn-out cylinder. If a rusty, bent or faulty key is the culprit for the jamming problem, we can easily replace the key for you using advanced computer software and key-cutting tools. 

Call now and let us send over the nearest car locksmith in your area that can reach you in less than half an hour. We can also assist you with any other emergency locksmith service related to your ignition, keys, and locks with our affordable and mobile crews. Get your free car key extraction price estimate today! 

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