Everything You Need To Know About Car Tracking Devices

car tracking device

Looking to upgrade the security of your vehicle? Find out what the most efficient car tracking devices are that could boost the security of your vehicle. 

Sometimes, as cautious as you might be when it comes to the security of your car, a smart thief with extra skills might manage to break in and take off with it. Can you imagine walking into your driveway or garage in the morning, getting ready to drive to work only to discover someone has stolen your ride? The shock of such a discovery cannot be described in words. However, if you have already installed a car tracking device on your vehicle, you might be in luck. You could rapidly track down your car and alert the police about it, and quickly retrieve it. If you are currently contemplating the thought of having such a tracking device fitted into your car, these next few arguments should help you make the right call.

Why Use A Car Tracking System?

Cars are some of the most important investments you are prone to make in your lifetime, except for buying a home. Accordingly, they should be protected with the help of advanced and powerful security solutions. Most people will opt for car alarms or choose keyless systems to get in and out of their vehicles and call it a day.

Others choose to have tracking devices installed for enhanced protection. These rely on a GPS system and they are usually installed in hidden spots inside the vehicle. They provide real-time directions via the GPS and can quickly locate a lost car in a huge parking lot or a foreign city, or a stolen vehicle. On Time Locksmiths specializes in in-car tracking devices. If you need help with installing, fixing, or maintaining such a device, we are the people for the job. We can also help you figure out what are the most suitable car tracking services, fleet management systems or electronic cargo devices you could use to your best interests.

Car tracking services are also excellent at monitoring fuel consumption, as well as the speed and improper behavior of drivers. This is particularly helpful for fleet managers with lots of vehicles, but also for the personal use of regular drivers who own a single car and wish to become better behind the wheel.

Car Tracking Device Installation is Easy

While there are simple tracking devices that can be installed by drivers themselves, by following a few DIY tutorials online or reading the packaging instructions, professional trackers are more highly recommended. The more advanced the system, the more accurate the tracking and the faster you can retrieve a lost or stolen vehicle. Personal cars and fleet trucks alike need to be maintained for safety at all costs. For this, you are warmly advised to opt for professional installation services provided by expert car locksmith services like ours.

Car trackers that are pricier have more sophisticated features that need to be set up by experts in the field to ensure ideal results. We have the right experience and tools needed to ensure a fast and hassle-free installation every time.

Pros of Car Tracking Devices

  • You can get fleet management information in real-time when needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • You can find out the exact GPS location, speed and engine performance of your fleet vehicles or personal car.

  • You will also receive real-time alerts to your smartphone via special apps and rely on user-friendly software.

Professional Car Tracking Solutions

Once the tracker has been installed, you will get the chance to use a variety of apps and software programs that will help you enjoy the highest security standards possible. An emergency lost or stolen car scenario will be handled by experts who are part of our team. We will immediately help you find your lost vehicle with the help of advanced technologies. If things get out of hand and thieves are involved in a car stealing scenario, the authorities will be informed right away.

Fleet Management Tracking Options

Business managers who are responsible for entire fleets of trucks, buses and other vehicles can also take advantage of these tracking solutions. Trackers will be effectively synchronized with the help of software that will enable managers to view the activity of their fleet and get reports via text messages or emails.

Improve Your Driving Skills With a Tracking Device

You can not only make sure that your designated drivers who are part of your fleet will only be carrying authorized passengers, but you will also take advantage of RFID readers and other features for enhanced control. Drivers will be able to start their cars by simply swiping their cards for instant recognition. Driver/car performance can also be monitored closely and improved periodically when needed.

Fleet managers will receive real-time alerts whenever a driver violates driving and traffic regulations. Plus, fuel siphoning in the fuel tank will be immediately visible via the tracking servers. Managers can not only keep an eye on less than trustworthy drivers, but they can also better control their fuel consumption and maintain it in normal parameters. Sudden drops in fuel inside the tank will be immediately alerted via text messages. Managers and drivers will also receive a periodical analysis concerning the efficiency of fuel consumption.

Fleet monitoring services also enable managers to set the number of miles they would like their vehicles to travel in a certain amount of time. Once the mileage is exceeded, they will get real-time notifications. Security can be further enhanced with the help of these tracking devices, so they make excellent solutions

If you are looking for advanced car tracking devices or GPS systems, On Time Locksmiths can provide you with quality installation and maintenance services. We can also provide you with additional car security solutions, including transponder key programming services, ignition cylinder and lock installation or repair, duplicate key cutting, trunk lock repair and emergency unlock services.

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