Chrysler Car Locksmith Service

Dealing with broken Chrysler key or Chrysler lock problems? Need assistance with a trunk lockout emergency? We specialize in 24/7 Chrysler locksmith services and we can assist you in advanced diagnosis procedures, fully customizable solutions, modern repair and key-cutting tools and full access to the Chrysler key fob code database.

Chrysler car locksmith near meChrysler is part of the “Big Three” car manufacturers in the US. The Chrysler Corporation was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925 and it is almost a century old. A few decades after it was founded, it was acquired by Daimler-Benz. In 2014, it became a subsidiary of the Fiat Chrysler Automobile corporation. It currently sells highly performing Dodge, Ram and Jeep branded vehicles, along with parts and accessories.

If you are dealing with any kind of key, lock or ignition switch issue on your Chrysler vehicle, we are here to assist you.

Popular Chrysler Services We Specialize In

The 24/7 On Time Locksmiths team has a pristine reputation when it comes to dealing with any Chrysler lock, key, alarm or ignition problem. We have hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers who have benefited from our services in the past. We know that besides efficient and reliable repair services you are also looking for fast speeds and excellent responsiveness. You don't have the time or the energy to wait around in line for a car dealership to keep you in line for a few days. You need immediate help whenever you are confronted with a lock or key problem that is stopping you from starting your car or unlocking it.

We have developed a fast and smooth customer support service combined with 24/7 mobile services that can handle any problem from the back of fully-equipped vans.

We are proud to say that we are your number one Chrysler locksmith in town, ready to assist you with the entire array of lock and key problems – no delay, no hassle, no extra charges:

  • Car and trunk unlocking services

  • Transponder Key reprogramming services

  • Car alarm services

  • Car lock duplication with or without code

  • Car insurance assessments

  • Ignition repair

  • Jammed key extraction

These are just a few of the main services we are hired to do, but the list is not an exhaustive one. For more examples of the work we do, call our friendly customer support 24/7.

Our Most Sought After Chrysler Locksmith Services

Car Remote Programming Services

Chrysler car locksmithCar remotes on Chrysler vehicles are crucial as they ensure fast and remote access to the locks when your hands are busy carrying grocery bags or your small child. They also save precious time and energy when you need to quickly enter and exit the car and secure it properly. When the remote stops working the right way, it usually means you will no longer be able to enter your vehicle normally or keep it locked when parked. Our Chrysler remote control programming service is one of the most common services we are hired to do. Our technicians are certified, authorized and experienced enough to rapidly reprogram any transponder key or car remote at the customers' location. No need to drive to us – we can reach you within half an hour in case of emergency and reprogram your remote on the spot, hassle-free.

Car Alarm Assessments And Repair Services

There is nothing more annoying than a car alarm going off in the middle of the night for no reason. It's not only a nuisance for your neighbors but also highly frustrating for you as you will need to constantly get out of the house and disable the alarm and arm it again. Not to mention the stress that someone might be, in fact, attempting to steal your car. An old alarm that has not been serviced in a while could also be the culprit. If it is high time to have your car alarm replaced or services, we are here to assist you with the authorized services you need.

Chrysler Key Replacement Services

We can cut any car key, including transponder key fobs and high-security keys for any model you might be driving. We can access the Chrysler database for transponder keys and use special software to issue a new key on the spot. We are fully certified and insured and we can assist you with any missing, broken or stolen Chrysler key issue.

We currently service the following Chrysler car models:

  • Chrysler 300

  • Chrysler 300 C

  • Chrysler 300M

  • Chrysler Cirrus

  • Chrysler Aspen

  • New Yorker

  • PT Cruiser

  • Chrysler Concorde

Affordable Emergency Chrysler Locksmith Assistance

We can provide a top lock, key and ignition assistance for all Chrysler models on a 24/7 basis in case of emergency, holidays and weekends included. Our main goal is to make sure that none of our customers remains stranded somewhere far from home, with no possibility to enter their vehicle or start the engine. Give us a call and we will dispatch the nearest mobile locksmith to your address. Wait for their arrival within 30 minutes from placing your cal and expect transparent and affordable rates.

No matter what Chrysler model you might be driving, we can assist you in fast-response, affordable and efficient services. Call now!


What Customers Say About Us

Jannie W.
W. 29th street

Dave is great! He was punctual and professional. And after installing the new locks on all of our doors, he cleaned up after himself! The same cannot be said for the last service I hired… would definitely recommend and use again!

Adrian Stanton
S Kenton Ave

We live not too far from Chicago and I spend about a hour and a half to get to my office. Mornings are always in a hurry for me and a broken door would be the worst I could expect. However, this was exactly what happened. I had no time to lose and so I called 247 Ontime Locksmiths. The expert guy from Locksmiths could fix the problem and I could go to work.

Tim Lewis
E Van Buren St

My car door didn’t open at all. Just a phone call to 24/7 Local Locksmiths and in less than 15 minutes I could drive my car again! Good job!