Commonly Used Theft Deterrents That Just Don’t Work

Getting Great Danes or other friendly big dogs to guard your house

Commonly Used Theft Deterrents That Just Don’t Work

Even though a large dog might seem intimidating initially, what you should really focus on is bark rather than size. If your large dog has a very friendly personality, he might be a great house pet, but he won’t do you any good as a guard dog. You are better off getting a smaller, feistier breed which will bark excessively at the sight of a possible intruder. Remember that what a burglar fears most is having someone catch him in the act of breaking in. A barking dog will attract a lot of attention from passerby and neighbors which will serve as a great deterrent for aspiring thieves. 

Stopping your daily mail delivery

Experienced burglars don’t just show up to a house they want to rob, they stake it out ahead of time in order to learn the schedule and routine of its residents. The last thing you want is for burglars to see that you’ve changed your regular routine, which they will take as a sure sign that you are away from home, giving them the perfect opportunity to break into your home. You are much better off by asking a trusted friend or neighbor to collect your mail daily while you’re away if possible.

Leaving your home lights on round-the-clock

This one is too easily solved to let it get in the way of your home safety. By allowing your lights to stay on at all hours of the night and day, it lets potential burglars know that you are clearly away from home. Why else would you be wasting so much electricity?! Did you know that you can easily install timers that will automatically turn your lights off and on throughout the day will give the impression that you are actually home, even while you are in fact away?

Placing company alarm signs as a deterrent

You might think you are dissuading thieves by posting in big letters that your home is secured by a well-known security company when in actuality you might just be giving them the last piece of information they need to know when breaking into your home. Posted alarm company signs can be used to sidestep your security system, and it lets thieves know which system needs to be bypassed.

Using a portable home safe

Commonly Used Theft Deterrents That Just Don’t Work

If you are trying to protect your valuables by locking them in a secured home safe, realize that you might be doing more to help burglars than to hinder them. Even if it might be difficult to break into a safe, it is far from impossible. With the right tools and time to spare, anyone can do it, least of all a seasoned criminal. Even a safe that is attached to the floor or a wall can be removed from your home, and with all your most valued possessions conveniently located in one small area, you might actually be helping a burglar out unintentionally. Do yourself a favor and make sure your home safe is either built-in to your home or is bolted down very securely, otherwise, it might be safer to just hide your valuables throughout your home in creative hiding spots. 

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