The Different Types of Door Locks

The Different Types of Door Locks

These days, it is almost impossible to find a property that is not secured by locks. The crucial security system of every home is a lock that protects and safeguards people living in that house and their valuables.

With advances in the lock and key industry, several kinds of locks have been introduced; however, many people are not familiar with these new and improved locks and systems.

It is vital to pick the right lock for your door because some locks are better suited for one residential property than others. The basic information about different types of door locks will help people find the right lock for their homes.

1. Deadbolts

Undoubtedly, the common locks that you will find in most residential and commercial buildings are deadbolts. In general, a single-cylinder deadbolt is used in houses of many people. But, there are several kinds of deadbolts available such as double cylinder deadbolts that work to protect your home, depending on the type of protection you are looking for.

Most people avoid using a double cylinder deadbolt in their home as it potentially narrows the possibility of escaping during emergency situations. Instead, they use a single cylinder deadbolt and use added security systems to improve the overall security of their homes.

Usually, deadbolts are used to secure front doors, but there is no rule that they can’t be used on any other door. It is worth noting that the deadbolt gets its name because it does not make use of spring-loaded mechanisms.

2. Doorknob Locks

The Different Types of Door Locks

It is vital that you know the correct functioning of doorknob locks in comparison to another door lock as this will assist you in finding the right place to install them.

Doorknob locks are extensively used in the interiors of homes and sometimes on front doors. Doorknob locks are simpler to unlock as they are destroyed when tampered with a hammer. Therefore, when added on the front door, they are used with a deadbolt to provide the best security.

If there is a single doorknob lock on the front door, then it is not enough to offer the needed protection to the house and its possessions. Doorknob locks are therefore best for interior doors as they allow for an easy route from one room to another.

3. Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks are extensively installed in commercial and residential buildings; however, they are more commonly found in commercial settings. Compared to doorknob locks, lever locks are easier to operate because of its structure.

Even though lever locks are common in residential and commercial settings, they are generally suited for interior doors because of their inefficiency to offer protection. This is for the reason that it is easy to target the handles of lever locks and it can be used as a possible entry point.

4. Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are generally installed in commercial settings. They are composed of intricate hardware, which is mounted in the door. These locks are available as light and heavy models and you can choose the one according to your security needs.

Mortise locks are more secure than doorknob locks because of their internal mechanisms. They consist of a cylindrical body along with knobs or levers. They are secured on a door with the help of a set screw. A cam is an important part of the mortise lock as it occupies the lock and pulls the latch back. The cylinder comes in several lengths and heights for different types of doors.

One of the crucial reasons as to why they have become so popular and reliable is their incredible strength. Having mortise locks in your home signifies that you prioritize security and don’t want to compromise it.

5. Euro Cylinder Locks

As indicated by the name, Euro cylindrical locks are commonly found in Europe. These types of locks are usually helpful to protect patio doors and not exterior doors.

Euro cylinder door locks are not as secure and tough as deadbolts. They are susceptible to impairment and deterioration over a long time of their usage. Nevertheless, these locks are simple to install and use.

6. Electronic Locks and Smart Locks

The advancement in the lock and key system has paved the way for electronic locks and smart locks. They are commonly found in both residential and commercial buildings. These locks offer better access and work efficiently well to secure the property.

Smart locks work after receiving a certain set of orders from an approved gadget to open or close. In general, these orders are sent wirelessly and work according to wireless communication protocols.

Such locks are not dependent on wireless instructions to be locked and unlocked. Actually, they rely on the support of the electric current that helps them operate. People who wish to get these advanced locks installed in their homes should understand their functioning. This will help them fight their vulnerabilities. For example, you won’t prefer installing an electronic lock if your house faces frequent power cuts since such locks work only when the current is flowing.

Keep Your Property Secure At All Times!

The increase in crime and the advancement in the lock and key industry have introduced several types of locks. It is important to remember that you have several options to choose from when it comes to door locks. Make sure that you know about door lock types in detail before you choose the right one for your home or office.

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