Doggy Door Installation

Pet doors are an excellent addition to any home with pets. They enable your furry friends to go in and out of the house whenever they please, without depending on you and your ability to open and close the front door for them. Not to mention they also considerably lower the risk of dealing with pet accidents in the house. However, as useful these doggy doors might be, for the most part, they do come with a small catch. Namely, the fact that they can also enable potential burglars access to your property via this particular entryway. Luckily for you, you can find special pet door models on the market that have been designed with this concern in mind. Plus, there are other special solutions you can use to further secure these pet doors and make them almost impossible to breach.

Doggy Door Installation Services

  • Doggy door installation

  • Pet door cover installation

  • Pet door securing services

  • Pet door repairs

  • Lock fitting

  • Lock re-keying and repair services

  • Door hinge replacement and installation services

Why Do You Need Doggy Doors?

doggy doors

Picture this scenario: you have just installed a doggy door in your home. Your yard has a fence around it, so your four-legged, furry friend is running around freely in it. However, the fence is not tall enough or secured with any additional measures; which means it won't do a good job at keeping potential intruders outside. Besides, your large pet door should allow a burglar to easily sneak into your home without your knowledge. One day, while you are away at work, a neighborhood burglar manages to get inside your home and takes off with your laptop and stash of money you were keeping beneath your mattress. Scared it might actually happen to you one day? You may want to reconsider your security options. Start by getting in touch with an authorized locksmith that specializes in residential services. These people can come to your help and beef up security on your home and doggy door in no time. The On Time Locksmith team specializes in the entire array of locksmith services for residential customers. Make sure to visit our dedicated service pages to find out more about what we can do for you.

Doggy Doors With Built-in Security Features

While they are not much different from regular dog doors, they do feature an additional level of protection against potential intruders. You might find them in their hinge and keyhole version, which will allow you to lock them from the inside. There are also pet doors that have a combination lock system, for an extra level of protection. They should limit the ease of your pet going in and out at their free will.

You can also opt for pet door covers that can be easily fitted on metal doors for pets. The cover can be used together with the original doggy door, and it matches the majority of models on the market. Installation is simple, and you should not have to worry about having to do any resizing. The best models also come together with a combination lock and 12-gauge steel. The bolts should only be removed from the inside, so that possible intruders are unable to get in. The door frame covering the hinges should also prevent someone from dismantling the door. If you would like to know more about the way combination locks and hinges work, get in touch with a nearby locksmith.

The radiofrequency technology is also used to manufacture some types of doggy doors. They require a tab to be placed on the collar of your dog or cat; the tab will automatically open the door whenever your pet will come in the close proximity of the door. You can rest assured that critters and other uninvited “guests” will not be able to reach the interior of your home as well.

Pet Door Lock Repairs

Expert locksmiths that handle all repair and installation services for residential clients should have no problem dealing with broken or jammed locks on pet doors. Having these locks inspected for faults and re-keyed periodically should also get into your habit for the normal functioning of these doors.

Why You Should Install An Alarm On Your Pet Door

Home alarms, in general, are excellent tools that keep burglars away and bring more peace of mind to household members. So why would doggy doors with a featuring alarm be any less useful? These specially designed alarms can perfectly match any pet door and they tend to be more intricate compared to other door models since their security features need to be handled manually. Users must engage the lock and pay attention to any sounds made by the alarm in the event of a certain weight entering through the door. Owners of dogs of all sizes can, therefore, use these alarms and expect excellent results from them.

For more details on how to install an alarm on your doggy door, or why you should have a lock fitted on your dog door, get in touch with a locksmith near you from the On Time Locksmith team and schedule an appointment. Have your pet door inspected and see what are your best options in terms of enhanced security measures for both your pet and your home. Make sure the rest of the locks on your doors and windows should also be assessed for malfunction and signs of wear-out periodically and upgraded with superior locks for enhanced security.

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