Top Reasons to Adopt Drone Surveillance Security

For quite a while now, there has been a constant debate on whether smart homes are replacing locksmiths jobs or not. These arguments have been as a result of the technological advancements in the home security systems industry, which have birthed smart homes.  It almost looks like smart technology is replacing human force due to its efficiency. However, while it can’t be denied that smart security devices are effective, they may never replace humans. In fact, locksmiths will always have jobs, and will always be required to provide other services that gadgets are not able to provide.  All the same, we can not ignore the advantages that come with smart technology. Here, we discuss the advantages of using drone technology for security.

Advantages of Drone Surveillance Security

drone surveillance security

Drones are becoming very popular due to the fact they have become more and more affordable. On top of that, users will only need to combine them with lightweight video cameras, as well as use simple stabilisation technology. Because of that, drones are now being used for video surveillance at many business sites and residential properties across the country.

Let's discuss the benefits of drone surveillance security.

1. Efficient Communication 

Effective security systems must always be quick to identify threats. Not only that, but they should also be able to communicate the details of the intrusion, as well as assign different actions to respond to the threat.

The great thing about drones is that they come with technology that allows them to communicate effectively so that the correct action can be taken. In fact, all threats are picked up instantly and uploaded instantly via special software. At the same time, actions are assigned directly, allowing for immediate deployment.

To explain this simpler, if there is an intrusion, there is a video management system that is able to send the information to the drone automatically. The video management system is also able to communicate the exact location where the intrusion has taken place using GPS coordinates.

Therefore, the drone can then quickly move to the scene and focus the camera on the target until it gets instructions. This means that no humans are required throughout this process, which is why most homeowners and business owners now prefer using drone surveillance security.

2. Drones are Fast

Of course, drones can get to an incident much faster than a human would. This makes them quick to attend to scenes. As mentioned above, drones come with a  technology that allows them to have dispatch commands uploaded to it automatically. All this is done over a network connection. This means that as soon as the information of an intrusion is received by the drone, it immediately “runs” to the incident scene and takes action. This is unlike other security response systems.

Another thing which makes them faster than other methods is the fact that they are not constrained by any physical obstacles. In fact, they can fly over buildings, trees, cars, and more, which gives them a great advantage when it comes to aerial security.  Also, people can make use of an indoor drone for surveillance within buildings.

3. They Come With Superior Vision

Over the past few years, technology has improved, and so has camera technology. Because of that, you are able to get lighter drone cameras now, that are quite portable as well. At the same time, you are guaranteed great image resolution, as well as quality and sensor type.  In fact, nowadays, drones are now capable of collecting over a million of pixels at very high resolutions. In addition, the images come with various metadata about the scenes. This is all achieved while the drones are in motion.

Moreover, cameras have now been equipped with have very high-resolution visible light, which results in better image stabilisation, as well as extensive image detail. On top of that, there is also thermal vision, which makes for great portable cameras for surveillance drones. These thermal cameras are able to pick up great detail, even at night, or during harsh weather conditions.

4. Drones Are Artificially Intelligent

The last few years have seen artificial intelligence taking centre stage in our lives, and now, artificial intelligence has also been integrated into drones. In fact, drones make use of intelligent video. On top of that, they also come with some deep learning techniques. These technologies allow drones to make use of security measures which are already being used in the security industry.  What that means is that drones are actually able to detect any intrusions that may be happening, even if they are at great distances. In addition, intrusions can be detected even in poor weather conditions or during the night when there is no light.

The moment that an intrusion is detected, the artificial intelligence allows the drone to focus its camera on the intended target. That means even if the intruder tries to manoeuvre, the drone will also do the same while centering its view on the target.  All of this can be achieved via AI technology, which allows the receiving of commands simultaneously with the stabilisation of the real-time video. Therefore, drone security allows for independent completion of security tasks.

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While live feed drone surveillance security ensures that your residential property is secure, as we said above, humans can never be replaced. For one, where a human only takes a coffee break of just 15-30 minutes, a drone will require a longer time to get its battery charged. This can be a bit of a disadvantage. You will find that, at most, drones can work only for about 30 minutes before they require another recharge.

All the same, there is no denying that drones can actually be effective security tools, managing to achieve certain tasks faster than other traditional security methods. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for you to consider switching over to drone surveillance security.

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