Fire Alarm Systems For Homes and Commercial Businesses

Fire alarms and smoke detectors are crucial for keeping your home or commercial space protected against a potential fire. These devices serve very similar purposes, even though there are a few differences between them that we are going to discuss in the next few lines. If you are interested in learning how a fire alarm system works, where should a smoke detector be installed and what are their maintenance requirements and main advantages, read on.

Smoke Detectors vs Fire Alarm Systems

fire alarm systems

Smoke detectors are small appliances that can detect the presence of smoke in a room. They are small sensors that rely on different mechanisms to detect whenever there is a large amount of smoke generated inside a household, commercial space, or education facility. Smoke detectors solely serve the purpose of acknowledging the existence of high amounts of smoke inside a room.  Fire alarm systems will both identify and act upon finding a large amount of smoke inside a room. These systems are more complex than simple smoke sensor as they are made of sensors attached to a siren that will be triggered when the sensor will detect smoke. Dire alarms also feature sprinklers that will automatically begin spraying down water from the ceiling in an attempt to put out a small fire. Nonetheless, many fire alarm systems do not feature sprinklers. However, all fire alarms will issue a warning alerting you about the existence of a fire. They can also alert a local fire department brigade at the same time.

In other words, the main differences between the two are as follows:

  • smoke detectors are simple sensors that are used to identify smoke, while a fire security system can identify irregular amounts of smoke and also act on it

  • fire alarms system consists of a number of different appliances that can be used together to provide you with additional fire security, whereas a smoke detector will since sense smoke and issue a warning about it

  • more advanced fire security systems can be used for taking measures to prevent potential fires when used alongside the right appliances

  • smoke sensors are normally an integral part of a fire alarm, which means the fire security system cannot function without a smoke detector

Do Fire Security Systems Need To Be Serviced Periodically?

Fire alarms require a source of power in order to work and, accordingly, they need certain upkeep and servicing. For example, these systems need to be tested on a monthly basis for response time efficiency, as well as battery life. You should always closely follow the manufacture's instructions regarding maintenance and testing requirements to get a clear view of what you should do.  A commercial smoke alarm system as well as any other additional devices tied to a fire alarm will also need to be maintained in proper condition. Replacement is also necessary for those devices that run on non-replaceable batteries with a 10-year lifespan that are due to be replaced.

Tips For Choosing The Best Fire Alarm Systems

  • Residential households, commercial locations, and educational facilities, including hotels, hospitals, schools, and office buildings all require proper protection against fire. Make sure to check the state and federal fire prevention regulations in the area where you live so you can update your fire security system, monoxide carbon, and smoke detectors accordingly.

  • Depending on your budget, expectations, the number of employees, the surface that you will need to protect against potential fires, the type of activity or the furniture and appliances inside a building, you will need to decide upon the most suitable fire prevention solutions, this includes the complexity of the fire security system you will opt for and establish whether you could solely rely on smoke detectors or you need a complete fire alarm system.

  • Consider your need to use other home security devices together with a fire alarm and smoke detector and opt for smart devices that require minimum maintenance work, if possible.

What Are The Best Fire Alarm Systems On The Market?

Heat detectors feature the simplest technology to detect a fire and they can be bought in their spot or line system form. They can be installed in a single location or all throughout the house or commercial building.  Fire alarm systems that use fixed temperature detectors only work at a certain temperature and they trigger a siren whenever the temperature starts to rise at a certain speed. They are best to be used in warehouses where there are no specialized systems to control the temperature.  Fire security systems that use photoelectric detectors rely on the light that reaches the detection chamber. When the light in this chamber is intersected with smoke, the photocell will detect this activity and sound the alarm letting you know there is a fire.

Fire alarm systems that use ionization smoke detectors are commonly used by residential homeowners. These systems rely on the identification of ionized smoke parts inside a chamber with the help of and charged plates.  There are also fire alarm systems that use air-aspirating detectors that need to continuously pull in air samples and determine if the air contains smoke.  It is possible to use a number of notification devices together with a fire alarm control panel:

  • tamper switches connected to sprinkler systems

  • bells

  • horns

  • strobes

Whether you are interested in a mix of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors and sensors all in one that can connect to the Wi-Fi inside your house and enable the remote surveillance of your property via smartphones or you are looking for a system that can alert you via SMS when the sensors are broken or the battery is low and needs replacement, you will find plenty of alternatives at a home locksmith near you

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