Frosted Locks Problems and Quick Fixes

frosted locks

Find out how to deal with a frosted lock on your car or home and how to prevent the problem from happening again.

Living in cold, snowy states means you are well accustomed to cold temperatures, snow, and icy roads. But these are not the only inconveniences that the cold season brings every year. Poor driving conditions and frozen locks on your car are some of the biggest nightmares drivers go through in the winter. Homeowners are also sometimes affected by the cold. Home door locks can freeze as well, and when it happens, it happens at the worst of times.

To most people, a frosted car door lock or a frozen lock on the front door/fence gate is by far one of the most delicate issues to deal with. No one likes to sit in the cold and desperately try to get their car to open at 7 AM while trying to make it work on time.  

One of the quickest solutions to this problem would be to hire an emergency locksmith. These people have the right training to handle any type of lock issue, frozen and frosted locks included. But before you pick up the phone and call a lock technician at 7 in the morning, you could try a few quick fixes on your own.

frosted house locksTips For De-icing Frosted Home Door Locks

There are a few simple solutions you could try in order to get the door on your house open while the lock is frozen.

Use heat

While a blow torch or a hair dryer may not be available since you are stuck outside your home, you should have no problem finding some matches or a lighter. Use any source of heat to warm up the key. Insert the key into the lock and watch the excess ice slowly melting away. You could also use your car's radiator to warm up the key to your home. Be sure to wear a pair of gloves when you do it to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Chip away the ice

Use the key to the door or a smaller object and try to chip away the ice that has formed inside the lock cylinder opening. Do this carefully while protecting the lock from potential damage.

If you are afraid you might break the lock in the process, you should instead get in touch with a professional locksmith nearby. Time to come over and help you enter your home hassle-free. These technicians come equipped with various tools that should ensure zero damage solutions.

Tips For De-icing Frosted Car Door Locks

If you are lucky enough to be able to access your home and various items and products inside it, you should be able to fix this problem a lot faster.

Use an aerosolized de-icer

You can get inside your house and grab a can of de-icer, straight into the car's lock and watch it rapidly melt away all the ice around it.

Grab a hairdryer, securing an extension cord that can reach the frosted lock on your car from your home. Use an outdoor outlet as a good alternative. The hair drier blows hot air over the lock while covering the area and blocking the wind so that the lock can receive the maximum amount of heat.

Heat the key to your home

Use matches or a lighter for this or boil some water in a pot and immerse the key in it. Use oven mitts or winter gloves to avoid burning your hands when picking up the key and placing it into the keyway to melt away the ice.

Ways To Prevent Your Locks From Frosting/Freezing

Moisture is the number one factor that affects the integrity of your locks in the winter. It reaches your car and home locks while the temperatures are still high, then eventually turns into frost when the temperatures drop.

To avoid this from constantly happening to you in the cold season, you can use oil on your locks to create a protective layer over the internal mechanism of the door. Lubricate and oil the keyways on both your car and house door and try to do this before the cold weather sets in. We guarantee that you will thank yourself later when all of your neighbors will be frantically trying to defrost their locks while you will have zero problems.

Risks Of DIY De-Icing Methods

While the previously described solutions can come in handy in case of emergency, they can also lead to small accidents and property damage at times. These risks could refer to anything from superficial burns on your hands while attempting to heat a home or car key using a fire source or boiling water lock damage. Chipping away the ice that is covering a lock with a knife could damage the door lock mechanism or the paint around the lock or the door. If you're planning on using a blowtorch to remove the ice from your lock, you could even risk igniting a fire.

Always stay safe and cautious when trying to open a frosted or frozen lock by yourself. No matter if it is the lock to your car or home that you are unable to operate in the winter, avoid jeopardizing the integrity of your locks and your own safety. Get in touch with the professional On Time Locksmiths team.

We are just a phone call away and we can assist you with any problematic lock issue you may be dealing in no time. We also specialize in other lock picking emergencies for all types of locks, as well as lock replacement, repairs, and re-keying, and key duplication and master key making for better key control.

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