The Best Ways To Keep Your Garage Secure

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Looking to enhance the security of your garage? Worried that your garage is too accessible? Check out these helpful tips on how to increase the security of your garage.

When implementing ways to secure our homes, we often forget about making our garages safe. Although we don’t give much thought to our garages, it is necessary that we should because the garage houses all kinds of valuables, and very often gives access to our homes.

You may have stored your sports equipment, bikes, tools, expensive golf clubs, unused furniture and similar things in your garage, which is why you must make sure to add necessary security to your garage. 

Apart from putting your personal valuables at risk, an unsecured garage could be a potential entryway into your home for thieves. In this article, we have listed effective tips to keep your valuables safe and your family secure!

1.Secure Your Garage Door

Your garage door should be strong enough to withstand burglary and numerous other forces like the smashing of the car against your garage door in unsuccessful parking attempts. In addition, the opener of your garage door should be built of high-quality material.

Door sensors help safeguard people and vehicles by stopping the door from closing on them. In addition, secure code equipment gives out a code every time; therefore, there is no probability of the garage door opening by itself.  

Make sure that you install good quality locks on the door that separates your garage from your home. Some high-grade locks on the market are deadbolt locks, keyless locks, padlocks, and electronic locks.

You must always seek the services of a professional locksmith as an incorrectly installed garage door lock will put your garage and your home at risk. In addition, choose garage doors that are made of metal, fiberglass and solid wood for better security!

2. Keep your Garage Remote Safe

A garage remote is a handy tool that helps you open the door of your garage with the simple push of a button. With such convenience in your hands, you can easily open and close your garage while sitting in any corner of your home. However, it is important that you keep your garage remote in a safe place.

Some people leave it in their car; making it easier for thieves to gain access to the garage should they break into your car. They can also find your registration papers, and consequently your address, making it easy for them to use the remote to enter your home! You should consider having a keychain type remote that you carry in your purse, bag or pocket with a key ring.

Nevertheless, if you have keys instead of a remote and you are away from your home, make sure to keep your garage keys and house keys with you instead of leaving them in a secret hiding place in your home.

3. Always Keep Doors and Windows of Your Garage Closed

It is a fact that in several cases, burglars get into the garage by entering through unlocked doors or windows. Don’t make it simple for thieves to get into your garage and steal your personal belongings.

Make sure that you keep the door and windows of your garage secure with a good lock system. This will not only discourage thieves, but it ensures that if they plan to get in, they will need to find ways to pick the lock, which will be time-consuming and difficult for them.

4. Keep the Windows of your Garage Covered

Professional robbers don’t just break into any house or garage by chance. In general, a robbery occurs after the robbers have conducted a thorough inspection of the property and neighborhood. They understand the entry and exit points of the house, the schedules of the members of the house and the items they want to steal.

It is no surprise that robbers also see your garage as a potential entry point and thus, in order to ensure the security of your garage, always cover any windows that might offer a complete inside view of your garage and your personal belongings. With the windows providing them an inside view, they can look for an entry to your home and can find the items that you have securely placed in your garage.

5.Install Security Equipment

The best deterrent for burglars is making them realize that they are being watched. In order to upgrade the security of your garage, you should consider installing lights, motion detectors, and cameras. When robbers find a camera outside your property, they will think twice before breaking in.

6. Keep the Exterior of your Garage Clutter-Free

Apart from installing advanced equipment outside your property, make certain that you keep the outside area of your garage clutter-free. You would not want to offer them a perfect place to hide when they come to break into your garage!

Remove everything that hinders the view and gives burglars a place to hide, which can be overgrown tree branches, shrubbery, clutter or anything that offers an easy way for thieves to enter your garage without making it obvious.

7. Keep the Area Well-Lit

A properly-lit garage area makes burglars uncomfortable because they could easily be spotted while trying to break-in. Install lights on all doors and windows too, if possible. You can consider adding wall lamps or recessed lights that will not only ensure better security but also add a nice look to your property!

If you are worried about excessive power consumption, you can install motion detecting floodlights that turn on when they detect someone. This security equipment will make you and your neighbors aware if there is unanticipated movement in the area and will certainly alarm any prospective burglars.

Talk to Professional Locksmiths

If you are unsure of how to enhance the security of your garage for preventing burglary and theft in your garage and house, you can talk to home locksmiths that will recommend the most efficient security systems to safeguard your property!

Remember, your garage can be one of the entry points from which burglars can break-in to your home. Get in touch with the best locksmith company in town today and keep your family and belongings safe!

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