Home Security Enters the Hi-tech World

Home Security Enters the Hi-tech World

What if you didn’t have to carry around a key to your house? It’s an interesting thought, but more and more it has become a reality for homeowners. Businesses have been using electronic key systems for years. Going to a hotel these days, you know that the key to your room is usually a swipe card that can be reprogrammed for each user. And many clubs and condo complexes use push-button locks. With the popularity of smartphones that can do almost anything else, the notion of using those devices for security has also grown.

Nowadays you can get electronic deadbolts that typically use illuminated touchscreen keypads or wireless connections to a smartphone or key fob. With some of these electronic door locks, you can walk out of the house without keys and still lock the door, since the key is, essentially, in your head. It’s just a matter of remembering a code. The drawback is like anything in today’s computer age – it can be hacked. With your code somewhere out there in cyber-wonderland, it can be accessed and distributed.

Here are four residential keyless entry systems most commonly used:

  • Biometric locks: These are just out of sci-fi. They recognize your fingerprints. As an option to using a key, just a simple swipe of your finger on the locking mechanism will unlock your door.
  • Key fob or proximity locks:  These locks activate with the tap of a key fob when you are within the signal distance.

Keeping tabs on who comes and goes

  • Smartphone controlled locks: With these, your smartphone is synchronized with your lock to allow for opening and closing with a tap of the touchscreen. Some locks recognize your phone and open automatically as you approach. Some will text you when someone else opens the door. You can even monitor who comes and goes and control entrance remotely.
  • Surveillance locks: You have the keyless access and can get an onscreen picture of whoever comes and goes in your house.

Of course, hi-tech lock systems need a specialty residential home locksmith with that type of training and knowhow. We have plenty of techies at On Time Locksmiths because keyless entry systems are one of our specialties. So no matter what type of electronic security you need – home or office – we have a professional who can do the job. Give us a call, and we’ll give you solid advice on the best security system for you. No matter where you live in the US, we’ll respond quickly if you have an emergency, and arrive promptly for appointments.

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