High Tech Car Security

Since the very first vehicles were manufactured and started reaching the masses, people began to look for ways to keep them protected against thieves and various other threats. After all, we tend to cherish and take great pride in the cars we usually invest a lot of money in, so it's no wonder we try to protect them as best as possible.

Car security has come a long way since the invention of the simple lock; today's advanced lock systems make our vehicles almost impossible to steal. With the help of extremely reliable electronic lock systems that are controlled with the help of computers, we can remotely disable the engines on our cars and make it difficult for a potential thief to put his hands on our precious ride.

Below you are going to discover a few of the most important features used by car security experts to keep our cars out of harm's way. Most of these features are standard, while others are considered more advanced. Take a look at the brief history of car security details we have prepared for you in these next few lines, along with a few of the main security services we have to offer.

Removable Steering Wheels And Power Locks, The Pioneers Of Car Security

car securityWhen the very first cars were manufactured and started to be purchased by the wealthiest of people, the first security systems were also invented. Namely, drivers who were paid to guard the car 24/7 were also responsible for keeping it safe from potential thieves.

In the 1900s, car thieves were deterred with the help of removable steering wheels invented by Leach-Biltwell Motor Company, which designed and manufactured luxury automobiles. The removable steering wheel trend was embraced by lots of car manufacturers soon after and started gaining a lot of popularity.

Power locks followed, and they were introduced by Scripps-Booth manufacturers, who were later bought by General Motors in 1914. However, power locks only started to grow in popularity when they were introduced as additional equipment in 1956, at the suggestion of the Packard Motor Company. The initial power locks were inserted in cylinders with the lock code on the exterior of the car. They were only used on passenger doors, trunks and glove compartments; however, today they are used on fuel filler caps as well, and they are known to lock automatically when the driver puts the car into gear or when the vehicle reaches a certain driving speed.

Car Immobilizers Are Good Thief Deterrents

According to data from the Economic Journal, electronic immobilizers can cut the rate of car theft by up to 40%. An immobilizer can prevent the engine from running until the right key is used, which means hot-wiring is almost impossible.

The very first immobilizers were patented in 1919 and they were used along with a 3X3 grid of double contact switches responsible for sending current from the battery to the ignition switch, which led to the sounding of the horn and the immobilizing of the car.

Today's high tech car security immobilizers enable drivers to completely shut down the engine in case they suspect their vehicle might have been stolen. They normally work with a monitoring service that is responsible for keeping a close eye on the vehicle with the help of an immobilizer system and alerting the owner in case of suspicious activity. This way, drivers will have a much easier time locating and shutting down the car for simpler retrieval. If your vehicle does not yet have an immobilizer, get in touch with us and let us assist you with your security needs.

Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking Systems

Today's cars are endowed with innovative security features that help drivers easily locate their cars when stolen or moved from their usual parking spot. These systems rely on GPS technologies or GLONASS technologies in order to locate a car with great accuracy and precision. These systems are also known to collect data and distribute it to electronic mapping systems placed at remote locations using special software or the internet,

Passive and active high tech car security tracking systems are both commonly used today and they are part of the solutions we can provide you with today. The On Time Locksmiths team specializes in both tracking methods and can provide you with all types of tracking systems and services for your vehicle. Whether you own a single personal car or you are managing an entire fleet of trucks, we can store your GPS locations, let you know when your car has been locked or unlocked out of the base, download GPS data and transfer it using a wireless network and so on. We can also assist you in transmitting the collected data to a computer system that monitors and assesses the data.

Video Monitoring

Dashcams can record everything happening on the interior and exterior of a vehicle. They are suitable for teen drivers and fleet employees, as they can offer the necessary evidence in case of an accident or problem with the insurance. You can select dual-lens facing inside and outside images, in-car systems featuring night vision, car crash sensors and even built-in GPS systems used for logging in.

Emergency Assistance Buttons

These buttons enable drivers to call a company straight from the car and send real-time monitoring information in case they are involved in an accident. The company will contact the driver in case of any suspicious activity or get in touch with emergency services in case they cannot get a hold of you.

Our car locksmith pros continually complete specific on-the-job training in order to provide necessary upgrades, install, service or maintain classic and high tech car security locking features in any make and model of a vehicle.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about the latest lock technologies and car security solutions we can provide!

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