Home Lockout Prevention Tips

home lockout prevention

Worried about getting locked out of your house? you should be; this happens far more often than you may think. Find out how to keep the stress away with these home lockout prevention tips we advise you to use 24/7.

Being locked out of your home and staring at the front door, unable to open it while holding heavy grocery bags in one hand and slowly pushing the baby stroller with the other, is a whole other level of stress and embarrassment. “Luckily”, if you will, it happens to the best of us, so you shouldn't beat yourself up too much about it. However, if this is a new territory for you, as this is your first lockout situation to confront, you need more practical advice and fewer statistics. This is exactly what we plan on doing in these next few lines: provide valuable advice you can actually use to make your way into your home safely, or avoid having to go through the hassle, to begin with.

Locked Out Right Now?

Use the spare key you have left with some trustworthy neighbors or hidden beneath your red garden gnome. No spare key to use? Call other household members who have keys to the property and aks them to drop by and let you get inside the house. If this doesn't help either, you can check if there are any ground-floor windows open you could use to break into your home. Beware! If it's dark outside and late in the evening, your nosy neighbors might just mistake you for a burglar and call the police on you. Make sure you inform them about your intention prior to trying a James Bond movie if you know the risk of someone calling 911 on you.

If none of this works, the only realistically safe and fast solution left is to call an expert locksmith that handles lockouts. On Time Locksmith specializes in 24/7 residential lockouts at affordable rates. We can quickly reach you no matter where you live and immediately assist you hassle-free, using a zero property damage policy. Anything else you might have read about or seen in the movies – breaking a window near the front door lock, using your credit card or an improvised lock picking tools will result in property damage and failure to get the problem solved in 90 percent of the cases.

How To Prevent Getting Locked Out

Make a purse check routine and stick to it. Never leave the house before you are absolutely sure you've grabbed your set of keys on your way out. Repeat the inspection for 3 days and you will make it a habit. Quickly touch your pockets or place your hand on your purse and feel your keys. Make sure they are always there before closing the door behind you. This way, you should avoid leaving the keys locked in and thus any related lockouts.

Find a portable lock pick and carry it on you. Most local hardware or locksmith stores sell simple lock pick tools that can be used by people who are not experts in the field. Learn how to use them and check the local and state laws regarding the use of lock picks. You might not be legally allowed to carry these tools on you, to begin with. Again, it is best to let licensed and authorized locksmiths handle the lock picking safe and sound, with zero complications.

spare keysHave spare keys made? These extra seats are genuine life-savers and they will make a difference in helping you prevent getting locked out. Avoid placing a spare beneath a rock in the driveway or using a flower pot for a hideout. Burglars will look there first. Instead, you might want to use a secret compartment in your wallet or your phone case to store a spare key.

You could also have the spare sewed into the wallet or placed someplace where you will be able to access it easily in case of an emergency.

Use tryout keys. These keys are usually suitable for car and motorcycle locks, so they might not be the best choice for home locks. Do some research first or ask the staff at the hardware or locksmith store about the practicality of these keys.

Fix broken locks and keys. This way, you will avoid dealing with jammed locks and broken keys in the keyway. A lock that has stopped working the right way will eventually wear out your keys and make them stop working the right way. Talk to an authorized locksmith and have them evaluate the current state of your locks and advise you upon the best solutions.

Always Check ALL LOCKS. Sure the front door is your main point of focus before leaving home. However, this does not mean that you should completely ignore the rest of the entrances and the surrounding perimeter around your property. Pay attention to the windows as well and use the locks on them if you have any. All of these should help you keep intruders away. On the other hand, make sure you double-check all doors and windows in case you suspect you are locked out of your home. You might just be “lucky” enough to discover you have forgotten to secure one door or window and use it to find your way into your home.

Of course, this is not really a strategy we advise you to use, as it could lead to unwanted break-in situations. Neighborhood thieves will know to check all entryways and they will definitely take advantage of any vulnerable door that was left unlocked.

Install smart locks. This way, you will eliminate the risk of locking your keys in or losing them or dealing with a stuck lock.

For help with any type of lockout, or to install new locks or to get duplicate keys made, call on time locksmiths today!

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