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Owning a home can be a marvelous adventure and at other times, a very large headache. Things break, bricks fall, paint peels and gutters get waterlogged. But nothing is as scary, or frustrating, or in complete and total violation of you and your personal boundaries like a home break-in or burglary.  Learning how to protect yourself and your home so you are never the victim of a crime like this is by far, not the most glamorous part of owning a home. Still, it is something you need to take seriously and address speedily.  In this article, we will guide you and encourage you to learn how to secure your home from theft and make sure that it is fully protected from unwanted intruders.

How to Keep Your Home Secure

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In order to know how best to secure your home, you need to know what you are working with, where your home’s weaknesses lay, what you need to address, and what is, frankly, not that big of a deal. Here we present to you some guidelines and ideas about what should be addressed in order to keep your home secure.

  • Take a walk around your property and look at it, to the best of your ability, through the eyes of an intruder.  That broken basement window that you considered replacing but just have not gotten to yet? If you know it is there, a trained professional whose job it is to find these weak areas, will too. The glass doors that so beautifully add to your home’s decor while also exposing your large screen TV, laptop, and an array of family cell phones? If you can see those valuable items through those glass doors, so can everyone else, including and perhaps especially, the individual or individuals who want to steal them all.

  • Landscaping is not just about making your yard look pretty and well-manicured.  Any bushes, shrubs or other greenery that block or obstruct your view of the outside, may, in fact, set you up as a victim of thievery.  In fact, any tall plants that make it difficult for you to be able to see what is happening outside, pose a risk. Furthermore, the more spots you offer, albeit unintentionally, to a burglar to hide out in will surely work against you.  Make sure your grass is cut, your shrubbery is trimmed, and that you do not have so much of it so that hiding in the trees waiting for the right time to strike is simply not an option.

  • Have you made friends with your neighbors? If you have not, start now. Camaraderie is about more than friendships and community barbecues. Getting to know your neighbors allows you to discern who is most trustworthy in the area and who you can leave a spare key within case you lose or misplace yours.  Neighborly friendships also act as an unofficial community watch system, as we tend to look out for the belongings of those we most value and appreciate. If there’s a burglar in the area and your neighbor catches them in the act in your home while you are out, such friendships can come in handy.  Think about how wonderful it would be to know that they did not close their eyes and declare that it was not their problem, but rather that they called the police and then notified you.

  • If you have expensive, exposed items on your property, like a grill or garden tools, it is very important that you lock them up and put them away.  Not only can these items be stolen from your property, but they can also signal that you have even more valuable things on the inside. Do not advertise what you own, can afford, and are worth to the thieves that eat this stuff up.

Easy Ways to Protect Your Home

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There are proactive ways in which you can protect your home and prevent theft.  While the tips above discuss things you need to do to stay safe, here we discuss things you need to buy or install that will help keep you safe, too.

  • In order to keep the bad guys out and the good guys safe, you must install sturdy, high-quality deadbolts and locks on doors and windows throughout your home.  No, you do not, nor should not become a prisoner in your own home, but you do have to protect your belongings and the people you live with. Install locks that are near impossible to sever or open without a key and make sure your door and window frames fit snugly around the locks installed.  This is just one of the services our Local Locksmiths can gladly and expertly help you with.    

  • While locked doors are a must, alarm systems are too. Sadly, even the most sophisticated locks and bolts can be broken or dismantled.  Alarm systems serve as an additional layer of protection by being linked to the police and making loud, obvious, startling noises that alert burglars that you know they are on the premises.  Loud siren- type alarms also let your neighbors know that something is happening in your home and they, in turn, can call the police as well. The more eyes on your house, especially when at least one set of them is unwanted, can make a big difference.  

  • Whether you are home or not, always keep the lights on around the perimeter of your property.  Criminals like neither to be seen nor heard and lots of light make your house less appealing to them.  The more light, the more their movements can be detected, the safer, ultimately, your home will be.

Keeping your home secure and protected is just one of the ways we can help. Our 24/ 7 service provides quality work performed by expert locksmiths.  Give us a call to discuss how to secure your home today.

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