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Keep your home safe with the best security apps on the market today. Grand or restrict access remotely by connecting to your smart locks or smart home system, monitor your home surveillance system and guarantee your family is safe.

On a scale from 1 to 10 - how safe would you rate your home as right now? Did you ever have someone forcefully break into your home and take off with any of your prized possessions? Can you remember when was the last time you had your locks assessed and upgraded by a professional locksmith? Remote surveillance via your smartphone, electronic or biometric locks, video doorbells – these are just a few of the hottest releases in terms of advanced apps and devices that can ensure higher levels of security. Or, at least, that is what developers are saying. Let's find out more about what they have to offer.

Is Smart Home Security Really A...Smart Idea?

You have been using a smartphone for a few years now and you have probably had a satisfying experience with it – unless, of course, your phone has been hacked and you had all your credit card and personal information stolen. You also most likely own a smart TV that allows you to stream everything on your phone or computer straight on your TV, record your favorite TV shows automatically when you are not home or have dozens of apps installed. Minor software issues might have prevented you from constantly using your TV every now and then but they weren't enough to convince you to retrograde your smart TV with a simple version.

home security appsCan the same thing be said about smart locks and smart home systems in general? So the advantages weigh heavier than the drawbacks or minor setbacks prone to occur every now and then? Some would argue that smart locks will turn a home into a weaker fortress in the hands of potential thieves. Since they basically rely on a mix of software and programming that many seasoned hackers are working hard at decrypting, it is only a matter of time before smart locks will be defeated. Secondly, there are a few scandals in the hospitality industry revolving around electronic hotel room locks that were hacked.

Besides the regular system breaches, hacker threats and missing upgrades that could cause smart locks and keys to be more vulnerable, the advantages are undeniable. Smart home security app supporters speak about the fact that not all smart locks that can be currently found on the market are vulnerable or easy to be hacked. In fact, the top smart locks and home security apps seem to be gaining more popularity as we speak. Here are a few of the hottest models we recommend you take a look at if you want to step into the future.

Top Home Security Apps For The Most Popular Operating Systems

For starters, there are two big categories of home security apps at the moment:

  1. Proprietary apps that are designed and developed by security companies to serve the needs of the IPD cameras manufactured by the same companies. They come with free download and they can only be used together with the respective brand's cameras and home security systems.

  2. Apps developed by third-parties that are fully compatible with a great number of operating systems and security devices.

Home Security Apps For Android And iOS Users

Provided you are searching for a top smart app that can beef up your home's protection, we recommend you to take a look at some of our recommendations below:

  • The August Smart Lock system is a full home security solution that enables users to keep an eye on anyone using the smart locks on their home's entryway to get in and out of the house in real-time. They ill also benefit from detailed timestamps and report upgrades that could prove to be useful for a number of reasons. The app also lets users remotely grant access to delivery services or repairmen when they are not home. It will also prove to be a true God-sent when having guests over as it will eliminate the need to pay for spare keys or worry about keys getting lost or duplicated. This is particularly helpful for rental guest homeowners, as it could significantly simplify their work and lower their stress levels. With the help of temporary access passcodes and close smart lock activity monitoring, you will no longer need to worry about any funny business on the premises. The same app will allow you to deter potential burglars who are not prepared skilled enough to bypass electronic locks and use not physical keys. Users can issue an unlimited number of access keys for limited amounts of time. Add the ability to automatically lock and unlock a door with the help of a keyless option and you should get the whole picture. Plus, the August systems let users verify their door's lock status and make sure they are properly locked from a distance – no need to leave the workplace to check if you've left the keys in the lock or locked the door. Suitable for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 is an excellent smart app and device for homeowners who wish to always know who is ringing the doorbell, whether they are home or not. Whether you live in a dangerous neighborhood or you have small kids that are left home alone for a few hours a day, you could benefit from installing such a doorbell camera straight away. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and it sends out motion and door ring alerts to your phone. You can also expect quality 1080p videos to be sent to your account. The device can be powered with the help of standard wiring, but it also works on batteries.

  • Ivideon is another excellent home security app that allows you to use your voice to communicate with the persons inside your house by sending audio messages. You will also benefit from the video streaming options compatible with all operating systems and devices so you can also see what is going on when you are not around. Particularly good for parents with young children or rebellious teenagers, as well as people who have had their home broken into several times in the past or victims of assaults.

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