Learn How To Keep Your Children Safe At School

How To Keep Your Children Safe At School

Going back to school each year is both an exciting and stressful event in the life of all children. Parents have worries of their own as the increasing number of school bullying and school shooting incidents force them to constantly be on the look for threats and find new and better ways to keep their children safe.

Whether your kids are in elementary school or they are high-school students, we warmly advise you to review the following school safety tips and put them into practice, if you haven't done so already.

Read The School Handbook Each Year

School policies are likely to change periodically and it is best to stay up-to-date with the latest versions issued at the beginning of each new school year. If you have any school safety questions concerning bullying or school shooting prevention measures, safety drills or school bus safety matters, feel free to get in touch with your kids' school. They should be able to answer your every question and clarify anything that might need additional explanations.

Tips For Safe Traveling To And From School

Make sure that you will schedule a safe route your child can use to walk to and from school. Figure out what is the shortest route to school that has very little intersections. Your kids will this way steer clear from the regular dangers associated with crossing the street. Children who are old enough to go to school by themselves will need to be taught the basic traffic regulations. See that they are supervised by an adult, an older friend or a sibling, if possible.

Have this route tested with your kids and make sure they know the route by heart. Teach them never to engage in conversations with strangers and never accept anything from persons they do not know.

School Bus Safety Tips

How To Keep Your Children Safe At School

Children should always reach the bus stop earlier so they are not forced to run on their route to catch the bus. Encourage them to never run around the school bus and only get near it when the bus has come at a full halt at the station.

Teach common-sense safety tips for the school ride itself. Kids should be taught never to stick their heads, arms or legs out of an open window and engage in violent behaviors. See they always double-check they have their backpack and phone on them before leaving the bus and to always alert you when the bus hasn't shown up or is running late.

Consider opting for the BusIt or a similar service option that will allow you to simply plan your children's route to school based on the bus stops that the vehicles part of this program will make. These buses can accommodate physically impaired passengers of all ages, children included. Parents can immediately get in touch with bus operators when they need to inquire about a bus running late or a different bus incident. The Tracking App is a good way of planning the school route for children. Additional precaution measures for personal safety reasons are also recommended. For example, your children could be supervised with the help of GPS tracking devices or smart apps installed on their phones. You should also encourage them to use locks on their zipper bags and padlocks on their bikes, in case they will be riding their bike or a scooter to school.

Walking Back Home In The Dark

If your children have afternoon classes that force them to go home after the sun has set, make sure that you have an adult or an older friend accompany them. If the last school bus stop is near your home, make sure you wait for them there every evening. Tell them to stay inside the bus if they cannot see you at the bus station and ask the bus driver to wait with them.

If they are old enough, give them a phone and teach them how to use it when they need to inform you of any schedule changes or incidents. Make sure your children know how to call 911 in case of an emergency. Define what an “emergency” is and practice a few potential scenarios with them. See that they memorize their name, home address and phone number if they are old enough for it.

Teach Your Children What To Do In Case Of A School Shooting

While schools should establish and implement their own school shooting incident prevention policies, parents also need to get involved. They can familiarize themselves with the school shooting drills and go over the details with their children, at home.

They can also make donations that schools will further use to invest in additional security measures, including bleeding control kits, panic button apps that can be installed on smartphones or high-security door locks for the entryways. Advanced surveillance systems and security guards at the gates could also add more to the safety of a school building.

There are online guides and instructions on how children should act in case of a school shooting incident. Encourage your kids to always listen to their teachers, hide, stay quiet and don't leave their hiding place until an adult they know and can trust tells them to.

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