Keyless Locks: The Contribution of Technology For The Disabled and Elderly

Keyless Door Locks

The advent of technology has only made life easier for all people, including those with disabilities. With the introduction of cutting edge and innovative features including robotic arms, advanced wheelchair capabilities, and personal navigation systems, life has become full of promises and opportunities for people with special needs.

Nevertheless, the launch of keyless door locks has made it possible for disabled people to work independently. A keyless lock system makes use of a key fob, code or access card rather than a traditional key. This removes the inconvenience of carrying the key at all times. Keyless entry locks are not only beneficial for elder citizens and people with disabilities, but to homeowners who are looking for smart living as well.

Keyless Door Locks: The Helping Hand for the Disabled Community

The creation of keyless door locks has sparked a new ray of hope in the lives of disabled people who are usually dependent on others even for unlocking the door. The introduction of such helping aids is assisting people with special needs to function and work as independent individuals.

The Advantages of Keyless Door Locks

Easy to Unlock

Keyless Door LocksKeyless entry locks are quite simple to unlock compared to regular locks, especially for people with physical limitations caused due to arthritis, injury or illness. An individual who is unable to use their hands or arms may find it tough to insert the key into a keyhole and turn it to unlock the lock.

The locks are linked to smartphones or remote controls, which makes it possible to unlock the exterior door with a push of a button on the remote control or a mobile. With the help of a keyless entry system, they can use a code, key fob or a card to unlock their front door. 

Offers Convenience

With keyless locks installed on your front door, it is easier and safer to give permission to unlock your home to others. It is quite common for seniors and disabled people to have nurses, family members, friends and caregivers who visit their homes to help. Instead of going to the door to unlock it, which can prove to a challenge for ill and disable individuals, the people who are coming into the house can be given an access card to unlock the door without other intervention.

This is a major advantage for people with special needs as it can make it easier for emergency staff, nurses, helpers, and visitors to visit them if they are resting or sleeping or in the need for emergency assistance.

Provide Accessibility to Specific People

Senior citizens or disabled individuals may not want every person to enter their home at any time. They might want caregivers to visit them when they have appointed them to come.

Keyless locks can be efficiently programmed to create a schedule to assist regular visitors to enter the home, even without a key, at a time allocated by the homeowner. This assistance can offer mental peace and security to elders and people with special needs knowing that helpers will only come at the expected times.

Hassle-Free Living With Keyless Door Locks!

Keyless locks are a boon for disabled citizens both at work and at home. They are operated through the smartphone or remote control and are advantageous for elders who have a tough time keeping a watch on their keys or face difficulties unlocking the door all by themselves.

If you are a person with special needs or know someone who will benefit from this advanced lock and key system, let them know about its importance in their lives. Keyless locks can undoubtedly help people live independently and will make them more safe and secure.

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Unlocking the front door of your house can be simpler if you didn’t have to check your bags and pockets every time for keys. Nowadays, the advancement in technology has launched several alternatives to deal with such issues.

You can go a bit advanced and make use of keyless locks for your doors that can be operated with your soft touch. If you are keen to know more about such alternatives, we recommend that you get in touch with us. Our proficient locksmiths will visit your home and check your doors for the best lock and key system they can install.

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