How to Avoid Locking Your Children In The Car

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As a parent, there are so many things that require your attention. While attempting to take care of everything, one can easily get distracted. There are so many curve-balls that are thrown your way at once, and it can be arduous to make heads and tails of the situation. Among these, there is the possibility of locking your child in the car. Locking children in the car is not uncommon to even the best of parents. A parent may think this would never occur to them but it can. Some parents have learned the hard way whereby they had to seek help from professional car locksmiths to help open their car doors and liberate their children. The following are tested tips that can help parents to avoid locking their children in their cars.

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Ensure That You are With Your Child Always

Never leave your child in your car to run an errand, no matter the period you are planning to spend. Distractions may occur and cause you to spend more time than you had anticipated. Always leave the car with your child. Whether you are rushing to the grocery or a supermarket, things may not go as you always plan and it will give you peace of mind when you have your child with you unlike when you have left them in the car. It easy to forget that you have left your child in the car and concentrate on other matters that might be disturbing you. This is the cardinal rule number one for every parent who wants to avoid locking their child in the car. When you teach yourself the habit of taking your kid with you even on your busiest days, it will never escape your mind on what is important first.

Keep Your Car Keys With You Always

Never allow your child to have possession of your car keys. Remember to have your car keys with you always. Children nowadays can easily tamper with auto locks and have themselves locked in the car. The auto-lock has, in fact, made it easier for children to lock themselves in the car, and you can only help if you have your car keys with you. So, every time you get out of the car, ensure you take the keys so you can unlock the car door even if it unexpectedly locks. It is crucial to keep a spare car key with you inside your house to avoid such circumstances. Remember to keep your spare key in a different ring with your main key set.

Communicate With Your Child Caregiver

Make necessary pre-arrangements with your child caregiver anytime that you are absent from home to ensure that you are informed of the whereabouts of your child. You may be headed to work without knowing that your child is enjoying at the back seat of your car. This can be a dangerous kind of lock-in as your car may be packed in the sunlight for the whole day having grievous consequences to the life of your child. Regular communication with your child caregiver is an excellent way to avoid lock-ins and may as well help prevent many other problems that may face your child. Smartphone applications have been used to check-in children where alerts are sent to the parents if their children do not reach the caregiver's location.

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Check Your Car Well

Always make it a habit of checking your car every time you enter or leave. Just as the way we ordinarily double-check our wallets, smartphones, and keys. It costs you nothing to spend two minutes checking your car to ensure that you have not left your child inside and ensure everything else is in its rightful place. Check your backseat, your trunk and any other place that you deem important, make it a routine procedure before and after you leave your car. When you do so, you not only confirm that your child is not locked inside, but it may also help you notice any hazards or problems with your car.

Have Your Locksmith Number

Even when you are armed and prepared with all the above tips, you can never be 100% sure that you will never experience a child lock-in situation. Like the experienced parent that you are, who understands that there is a probability of his/her child being locked in a car, it is advisable to have your locksmith number in your cell phone. In case of an eventuality like this, you are assured of immediate professional assistance. You may also want to call an ambulance and the police. A quick response is required when your child is locked in the car, and you may need to break a window if the situation is dire like during the heat of the day. When temperatures are cool outside you may need a swift but less extreme response of calling your locksmith. Our 24-hour locksmiths are on call 24/7, and they respond immediately.

Vigilance is crucial when it comes to the safety of your child. No parent would like to lock their child inside a car intentionally, but accidents do happen. Always ensure you have done your best to minimize the chances of your child being locked in the car.

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