Lock Bumping - How to Protect Your Locks from Being Bumped

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Have you ever heard of lock bumping? Sounds shady, doesn't it? Find out what lock bumping is and learn what to do to protect your locks against it.

Professional locksmiths rely on a great diversity of tools and procedures in order to complete the jobs they are hired to do. Among them, we can mention simple and advanced lock picking tools and various tools and procedures used for bypassing pins and tumbler locks. Lock bumping is the name of one of these popular methods, and it is, simply put, a technique that relies on special keys called bump keys that are able to defeat conventional pin and tumbler door locks. Unfortunately, while the technique was originally created for legal tumbler key bypassing, some burglars will make use of it to serve their own purposes.

If you are interested to learn a few additional things about lock bumping and what you can do to protect against it, these next few lines will throw some light on the topic.

How Does Lock Bumping Work?key bumping

Lock bumping is a technique that relies on simple physics. Namely, one must insert a specially cut key, also called a bump or a 999 key into a lock. Next, with the help of a random object, the key needs to be struck or bumped, hence the name. The energy that will be created from this powerful impact will force the pins inside the lock to reach the area above the shear line for a brief second. This will, in turn, make the lock open on the spot.

Statistics from the National Crime Prevention Council speak about two-thirds of all cases of break-ins happen with zero signs of forced entry. This, however, does not automatically mean that all of these burglaries were completed with the help of bump-keys. With this thought in mind, here are a few locks bumping prevention practices we warmly advise you to use for your property.

Keep in mind you can also upgrade your old and faulty locks, install home alarm systems and sensor lights, install safety grills and locks on the windows, and basically do everything your budget allows you to do to make your home safer.

Lock Bumping Prevention Secrets

Keep in mind that state and federal laws clearly forbid the selling of any specific locksmithing device to anyone other than a professional who will use it for a legally recognized goal. This should make it more difficult for property criminals to get these types of keys and use them to harm you.

Also, the continuous advent of the internet has allowed the key bumping technique to be made more available to the wide audience. There are even companies that have started to sell these bump-keys online. This means that anyone with criminal intentions and a connection to the internet can easily access the technology and buy the tools they need to break into your home without too much hassle.

What is even scarier is the fact that more than 90% of American doors use older versions of cylinder locks which are extremely vulnerable to lock bumping attempts. Plus, not much force is needed to unlock a cylinder lock with a bump-key. In fact, it would appear that even a child could do it.

Here are a few ways of keeping you, your family and your prized possessions better protected against lock bumping.

  • Install locks that provide protection against bumping. Talk to a professional locksmith in your area or get in touch with us and let us recommend a few of the most reliable anti-bumping solutions. The locksmithing industry has come a long way in recent years, and today you can find a series of modern-day, electronic, smart or high-security locks. There are lots of brands that offer enhanced anti-bumping features and simple online research could also introduce you to a few of the most popular choices. Read a few reviews written by real buyers who have used these locks on their homes with good results.

  • Contact a locksmith for homes and have them install special pins that will considerably make burglars' jobs more difficult. While it is not impossible for a lock with added pins to be picked, it will certainly take a longer time to do it. No burglar wants to risk spending a lot of time bumping on a lock in the middle of the night or in the afternoon when everyone is away at work or school. So this solution is a smart deterrent against threats. You can also take your lock to a locksmith shop, even though it is a lot more convenient to have a technician come to your house instead.

  • You can also ask them to fit a bump-proof deadbolt in addition to your existing lock and beef up security on your lock. There are smart keys that also promise enhanced protection against bumping attempts, and they can be ordered online and installed by local locksmiths. Contact our team if you need help with installing your new smart key lock.

  • It is also a good idea to consider replacing your regular residential lock with a light commercial grade lock. These locks are heavy-duty and difficult to pick. They also handle bumping well, so they make for a good alternative. Just keep in mind that you will come across differences in terms of quality when buying a lock from a regular hardware store or from a locksmith. You should not find any plastic parts inside a lock sold by a locksmith or a specialized locksmith shop.

No matter what type of lock you might choose, make sure you have an authorized locksmith install and maintain it for you for optimum results. Get in touch with us and schedule an appointment today and let us provide you with quality service at affordable rates.

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