Lock Maintenance Tips

Lock Maintenance Tips

Dealing with rusted locks? Looking for ways to simplify your home upkeep routine? Follow these basic tips for lock maintenance and lengthen the life of your locks!

The most basic way to enhance the security of your house and property is with the use of good, high-quality locks. They are used to secure your homes, main gates, garages, offices, sheds, backyards, and practically anywhere you want to keep your belongings safe! Nevertheless, wherever a lock is being used, make sure that it is of good quality that will secure your possessions and keep thieves at bay. 

There are several professional locksmith companies that offer instant quality services when you need new lock installations and lock repairs. Apart from offering you the best lock installation and repair services, they also make sure that your locks are in perfect working condition and are not deteriorating with climatic changes and rust.

Efficient Ways to Maintain Your Locks

Every tool requires maintenance for general upkeep and to monitor if there is any damage. Although locks last for several years, there are several things that you can do in order to increase the life of your locks and keep them in good working condition.

Keep on reading to discover the best ways to maintain your locks!

Properly Installed Door

If your door is not properly installed or is loose fitted, the bolt of your lock and latch will not unite suitably and will gradually impair the working mechanism of the lock. In addition, if you bang or shove your door on a regular basis in order to close it, your door lock will sustain excessive wear and tear and will consequently damage your door.

Secure the Screws and Plates on your Lock

Make certain that the screws that are present on your door frame are sufficiently long to fit snugly on the wall to which they are fastened. Also, make sure that the metal plate or strike plate is attached properly to securely close the door at all times. Even a small anomaly in your key and lock system is enough to impair the security of your home, so be careful and even check the small things to be safe.

Doors and Locks Must be Cleandoor lock

There is no need to scrub your locks all the time, but make sure to keep them dry and away from moisture in humid seasons. You should also check them for damage that might be caused due to condensation. It is necessary that you make use of an effective cleaner that is non-abrasive and free of chemicals that might damage your locks.

Oil Your Locks Regularly

You must oil your lock mechanisms regularly, including locks, screws, plates, handles and crash bars to keep them in perfect working condition. Consider oiling them once every three months to maintain optimum performance.

Door Must Sit Securely on the Door Frame

If your door is not sitting firmly on the door frame and is too small for the frame, your lock security may not function optimally. Improper setting of the door on the frame might expose the inner bolt to potential burglars and the doorjamb will also obstruct the ability to open and close the door effortlessly.

Keep the Strike of Your Door Frame Clean

The bolt is inserted into the opening (the strike). Make sure that it is not cluttered with debris or mud or your lock will not fit appropriately, which may hamper its functionality.

Only Make Duplicate Keys from the Original Key

Don’t ask your locksmith to make a duplicate key from another duplicate key as it will drastically hinder its functioning.

Examine the Floor around Your Door for any Damage

Check the floor around your doors to see if there are any scratch or skid marks. The presence of scratch marks is an indication that your door is not properly aligned and thus is not offering the proper alignment to your locks.

How to Prevent and Remove Rust from Locks

After you have made sure that your door is properly installed, you should also check if the lock is rusty or not because a rusted lock gets damaged gradually, which can be easily picked by potential burglars. Don’t worry because there are several effective ways to remove rust from your locks if it does appear; however, its prevention is the best solution!

Tips to Prevent Rust from Forming in Your Locks

Examine your locks regularly to look for any signs of rust formation and check the keyhole to see if it has accumulated any dirt or debris. If it has, just insert a key and turn it to clear the keyhole. If you don’t use your locks regularly, use them once every 2 weeks to keep them in working condition.

An effective tip to prevent the formation of rust in your locks is by lubricating them with silicone sprays, which are specially created for maintaining locks. They work by forming a protective seal over the locks that protect it from the elements of rust formation.

In addition, you can consider using specified chemicals that are suitable for cleaning doors and lock plates to keep your locks in perfect working condition.

Tips to Treat Rusty Locks

The fact is that it is a bit complicated to get rid of rust once it has formed. Rust is caused due to a chemical formation that gradually impairs the metal and locks that are exposed to moisture for an extended period often tend to rust.

Many people have used lubricants to successfully remove rust from their locks, there are two types of lubricants on the market– dry and wet lubricants. Dry lubricants contain graphite, which allows the inner lock machinery to glide against each other and thus, allows the key to be inserted easily to open the lock. Wet lubricants such as water displacement products are equally effective in removing rust from your locks!

Get Your Locks to Function Properly at All Times!

The safety of your family and your house is extremely imperative; therefore it is important you don’t take any chances with your home security system.

If you find that your locks are damaged, rusted or out-dated, contact our professional locksmith services for all your locksmith needs and get the best security system installed in your house. Of course, we value your time and budget, and therefore we respond accordingly and offer low prices!

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