Lock Picking 101 – The Ins And Outs Of Lock Picking


Do you want to learn a few lock picking tips that could help you get back into your home or car in case of an accidental lockout? Are you looking forward to getting a job in the locksmithing field, and you need some lock picking 101 to figure out if this is a career path that you may enjoy? As experts in the lock picking field for residential, commercial and automotive customers, we can provide you with a few fast, simple and efficient lock picking ideas to get you started. Please note that if you are currently dealing with an accidental lockout or a broken lock situation, we can immediately send over the nearest technician in your area to assist you.

Lock Picking 101

There are numerous reasons why you might want to learn how to pick a lock. For instance, you may need to get inside your home or car during an accidental lockout, or you've lost the key to your medicine drawer or bike padlock. More often than not, having some minimal lock picking knowledge could help you avoid a tragic event, especially when small children or pets are involved. Needless to say, we would never advise anyone to use these following tips for performing any illegal activities.

Things You'll Need To Pick A Lock (The Safe Way)

  • Hook picks
  • Ball picks
  • Torsion wrenches
  • Rake picks
  • Half-diamond picks
  • Bump keys
  • Pick gun

As a rookie, you do not have to know how to use all of these tools. A simple pocket-size lock pick set of tools should help you get started. As small as they may be, they are made from titanium, which makes them highly durable and efficient for the jobs they are meant to do. If you'd like you can invest in a more professional toolkit, but you should be fine with just this at the moment.

Lock Picking Techniquelocksmith 101

Getting started will first mean following some precise instructions. Repeating the procedure over and over again will eventually help you develop a fifth sense for it. You will basically follow the lock guide at first, but eventually, you will just “know” where to apply more pressure and how to come up with the best solution for a broken lock. That is if you plan of becoming a locksmith in the near future. If you are simply interested in learning a few basic steps toward lock picking, here are a few ideas:

  • With the help of a tension wrench, apply pressure into the bottom of the keyhole and exert some pressure in the key-turning direction. Apply enough pressure so that the driver pin can catch the edge of the plug while remaining on top of the shear line.
  • Next, place the pick at the top and slide the rake to the back. Turn the tension wrench as gently as possible and rub the pick back and forth into the keyhole. Repeat as many times as needed with both hands so you can set all pins. Do not make any sudden and rushed moves.
  • Keep practicing on old locks until you become good at it, so you can be prepared in case of an emergency. Knowing how to pick a simple lock on your home can prevent damage to your property. You would be surprised how many failed attempts to open a door with improper tools and methods we see every year. Most of them lead to broken locks and doors, door frames or nearby windows. Why spend extra on repairs or new purchases when you could do it yourself or call the pros for help?
  • Keep in mind that tumbler locks are the most common types of lock you will see on doors, so you may want to start your practice on such a lock. In order to recognize these locks, you can look for a plug that rotates inside an interior cylinder which is tied to the door, while staying in one place. Also look for the specific springs, driver pins, and ley pins. An online diagram should help you get a clearer view of what you should be searching for.

Is Lock Picking Considered Legal?

Simply owning a set of locksmith tools and using them to practice your skills and for your own personal use is not outside the law in most parts of the country. Just keep in mind some US states may frown upon your peculiar lock picking hobby.  See that you get all the information you need before investing in a professional set of lock picking tools for your own entertainment or practice needs.

On Time Locksmiths specializes in professional lock picking for all types of locks on residential, commercial and even vehicle doors. We rely on advanced tools and procedures that allow us to cut the time needed to pick a lock and help you resume your normal activities.

If you are facing a lockout of any kind, we strongly urge you to get in touch with our emergency locksmith services. Your hands may be shaking and you could do something wrong in a desperate attempt to avoid a tragedy. An expert locksmith like our technicians will always bring a clear head and firm hands and immediately assist you with all of your lock and key emergencies, no matter how simple or complex.

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