5 Locksmithing Myths You Should Know About

5 Locksmithing Myths You Should Know About

Locksmithing is an interesting trade given its sensitive nature and the numerous unforeseen complications that can arise at any moment. Just imagine being asked to pick a lock on a home at 2 in the morning and end up with the customer's ex-spouse looking at you once you finally open the door. Or being asked to pick a pair of handcuffs on someone's hands while they're tied to a bed. These are all true stories and scenarios bound to happen to most locksmiths at some point in their careers. However, these are not the only intriguing stories you will ever hear about this trade.

In fact, there are genuine myths that have been going around for ages, and today we decided to shed some light on a few of them and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Locksmiths Keep Copies Of The Keys They Make

This is probably one of the main reasons why some people fear hiring professional locksmiths, to begin with. The myth says calling a locksmith and asking him to make a duplicate key for your home will result in the locksmith making an additional copy and holding on to it for future reference, in case you may need a new key made sometime in the future.

Fact: This claim is not true; keys get copied easily today with the help of expert tools, so there is no plausible reasons or need for a locksmith to make any copies and store them “just in case”. Also, some people fear a locksmith may secretly copy an extra key and use it to get into their home without their consent.

A good locksmith should not take more than a few minutes to make a new key using nothing but the lock, the key's pattern or bitting and a key blank. Besides, you will always get to personally watch the locksmith cut a copy and see they are not making any extra copies. To help further debunk this myth, locksmiths should always clearly state they have no intention to create any extra copies and invite customers to ask any additional questions for more peace of mind.

Myth #2: TV Shows Are Accurate When Presenting Lock Picking

Hollywood is known for its spectacular and oftentimes highly fake or surreal scenes, and lock picking is just one of them. To crunch time and make some characters look invincible, stronger or more skilled than others, these movies create expectations that are simply too high. For example, movies that show the images of people who pick a lock in just a few seconds under extreme pressure.

Fact: In reality, locks come in different shapes and sizes and some are more complex and difficult to pick than others. With so many anti-picking and burglarproof mechanisms that are constantly being developed, it will usually take a few minutes up to an hour for an authorized locksmith to assess a lock and successfully pick it without causing any damage to the lock itself or the door.

Locksmiths must be upfront, honest and transparent about the estimated time they think they will need to pick a lock. They should also have the process clearly explained to customers, so they can avoid any disappointments.

Myth #3: All Locksmith Jobs Are Quick

Another myth in the trade is that locksmiths can quickly get in and out of a house or car without any hassle, or that they can fit a new lock or fix a broken lock mechanism in the blink of an eye. Again, this is another misconception.

Fact: Just think about complex safes, double cylinder deadbolt locks or electronic locks and the complicated mechanisms behind them. Picking, fixing or installing a complex security device requires certain skill levels and know-how, great attention to detail and patience. A locksmith should be friendly and open to questions to eliminate any confusion. The customer support service should be fully transparent and ready to answer any service-related questions on the spot and always create a realistic image of each repair and installation job.

Myth #4: You Only Need Locksmiths When Locked Out

Lots of people mistakingly believe they only need to contact a locksmith and use their services when locked out of their home.

Fact: Locksmithing is a highly versatile trade that allows locksmiths to cater to numerous security needs. A lock technician can install a new lock on a car, home or commercial space, re-key or repair broken locks, cut duplicate keys or issue new keys on the spot, install panic bars, safes and vaults services, security alarms, and offer security assessments on demand. They can also help you make the switch to the smart security era by recommending the most reliable electronic and smart locks, video doorbells and smart surveillance cameras.

In other words, locksmiths are not only your go-to specialists who can help you get back into your accidentally locked home or car, but they can also assess and upgrade your security, help you beef up your protection at the home you have recently moved into or fix damaged locks after a break-in. Locksmiths should become more visible online and in the media and familiarize customers with their line of work so more people can benefit from their skills.

Myth #5: The Key Says “Do Not Copy” So It Cannot Be Duplicated

Lots of people think that because they can read “do not copy” on their keys, the keys cannot be duplicated by a locksmith.

Fact: this is not 100% true. Most keys that have this stamp on them can be easily copied. You will, however, need to get in touch with the landlord if you are a tenant and make sure you have the clearance to duplicate the keys. You should also be able to find this information in your lease.

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