The Eight Most Dangerous Countries in the World

most dangerous countries

The most recent survey conducted by the World Economic Forum has yielded a report after analyzing the travel and tourism sectors of hundreds of countries all around the world. The report suggested the safety of these countries for visitors.

The people who carried out the survey took several things into account including violence, burglary, and terrorism. According to the report, the most dangerous countries in the world are Kenya, Nigeria, Yemen, South Africa, and Colombia.

Continue reading to learn about the countries you should avoid when planning holidays or moving.

1. Kenya

Kenya is a popular location among tourists. However, the State Department has sent advisories for people to exercise caution because of the increased risk due to terrorist attacks, murders, robbery, kidnapping, and rapes.

According to the local police, incidences like home robbery and car theft occur at any time, even during the day. Therefore, it is essential to remain safe at all times by making use of an appropriate security system in and around your house.

2. Nigeria

People traveling to Nigeria either for work or for vacation should learn more about its crime rates. The country is popular for all the wrong reasons such as piracy, armed robbery, car theft, terrorism, theft, and kidnappings.

The State Department has warned travelers to remain watchful in public places and tourist locations. It is also essential to remain cautious in the country because of the threat of violence.

3. Yemen

It is best to avoid traveling to Yemen for holidays because of civil unrest, terrorism, and military wars. The Department of State has found the Rebel gangs target and hold back American citizens. In addition, the country faces a lack of water, food, medicines and other essential commodities needed for a decent living.

4. South Africa

The high rate of crime, violence, and burglary have forced people to hire private security guards to safeguard their possessions and loved ones. There are incidences of murder and rape as well in the more rural areas of the country.

5. Colombia

most dangerous countries

Bogota city has several cases of protests. The Government often sends a warning notice to residents to remain safe because of increasing crime and terrorist activities. Other crimes that commonly occur in this area are robbery, kidnapping, extortion, and theft. The country witnesses a high crime rate because of gangs who are responsible for drug trafficking, kidnappings, explosions and theft throughout the country. 

6. Guatemala

The border of Guatemala is with Mexico and it has witnessed an armed robbery, burglary, and car theft. In addition, the area is not safe for women and children. The country has been ranked fifth on homicide incidents. There are occasions of frequent drug smuggling as well.

7. Thailand

Several states of Southern Thailand including Songkhla, Yala, and Pattani are considered unsafe places for holidays and living. There are reports of violence, burglary, crime and theft throughout the country. Shockingly, the survey indicates a report of more than six thousand deaths in the country because of the violence.

8. Ukraine

There’s an increased rate of burglaries and theft in and around the city. These burglars often target people who are tourists and are new to the country. In some cases, the attacks are targeted at people of a different race.

Tourists or people who have relocated to this place for work should be watchful when moving around the country because there are regular incidences of theft on the streets. You will also find violence in the area.

Remain Safe and Vigilant at All Times!

Whether you are in your own city or are holidaying in another place, it is vital to take care of your wellbeing. It has become one of the greatest concerns because of the increased crime in several parts of the world.

Irrespective of how safe you think your country is, chances are that you remain exposed to several crimes such as theft or home robbery. Therefore, it becomes crucial to increase your safety to keep your possessions and loved ones protected.

The best advice to strengthen your safety is to have good relations with your neighbors. This becomes important when you are not home for a few days and they can keep watch for any weird activities going on in and around your home. It is advised that you keep your doors and locks secured at all times, especially during the night. In addition, you must also keep your exterior safe by installing the needed security gadgets such as flashlights and camera systems.

If there are big trees around your home, you must have them trimmed so that you can have a good look at the streets. It is also essential because these places become common hiding places for intruders who keep watch on the homeowners while hiding near bushes.

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