The Most Secure Cars On The Market

Most Secure Cars On The Market

Car safety is a must for any vehicle owner interested in his safety and well-being while behind the wheel, as well as when parked. Read our list of most safe cars of 2020 and learn about their safety features.

Without a doubt, car safety is a must for any vehicle owner interested in his security and well-being while behind the wheel, as well as the integrity of his car when parked. Unfortunately, when in the market to buy a new car, drivers cannot perform complex professional or safety tests that are usually done by specialized bodies in the industry. Also, they fail to ask the right questions to the car dealers selling them their new cars, while the drivers they buy their used car from are normally clueless concerning any car testing or security rating details. People drive around in their cars 365 days a year clueless of just how safe or unsafe their vehicles truly are.

To come to your help in case you are currently looking to make a new car purchase, we are going to reveal to you a few of the most secure cars in the world, as well as the safest choices in terms fo family cars.

The Most Secure Cars In The World

mercedes most secure auto locksmithWith an impressively rich selection of safety technology incorporated in today's modern cars, you may have a hard time figuring out what are the most reliable for your long-distance driving needs, urban rides or family getaways. Ranging from today's child-seat mounts and anti-lock brake systems, smart locks and systems that warn drivers when they are out of their lane, there is no telling where engineers have in store for us.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class - The Best Small Car For Families

This car has won the Euro NCAP ‘Small Family Car’ class in 2018 and received five stars overall together with an almost flawless rating of 96 points in terms of safety for adult passengers. The vehicle comes with a complex safety kit that standard models are equipped with. We can mention the AEB feature and the assistant that helps drivers maintain their own lane.

Mercedes-Benz has also developed the Attention Assist System which keeps a close eye on drivers showing signs of excessive tiredness, thus preventing accidents. The vehicle also features an active bonnet system that will rise during a crash in order to keep pedestrian injuries to a minimum. The car has obtained a 92 point score in terms of vulnerable road user safety.

Skoda Scala, Top Passenger Protection

Also receiving five stars according to the Euro NCAP classification thanks to its amazing systems that helped it score 97 points in adult passenger protection and 87 points in child passenger safety. Its lane-keep assist program and automating brake system for urban surroundings also made Skoda Scala score 75 points out of 100. The vehicle also comes with an amazing contact service that will immediately call 911 in case you are involved in an accident, which also places Skoda on top of the most secure cars' list.

Tesla Model 3, The Highest-Ranking Car In Safety Assist

most secure tesla with auto locksmith near meSafety assist features in modern-day cars are an absolute must as they could make the difference between life and death in case of a crash where the speed at which the emergency services will reach the scene of an accident. Tesla Model 3 has scored 94 points out of 100 in terms of safety assist and it also received a 5-star general rating. It also received 96 points in terms of adult passenger safety and 74 points for driver protection on unsafe roads. A large number of airbags the vehicle comes with, on top with its speed assistance and automatic emergency brake feature turn it into one of the safest cars you could be possibly driving at the moment.

Audi A6, Ultrasonic Sensors And 5-Star Ratings

The last Audi A6 model did extremely well in terms of adult and child passenger safety ratings with its 93 and 85 points. These scores have actually bought it a 5-star rating and the vehicle is also remarkably efficient when it comes to safety assist features. where the A6 really impressed. The new Audi 6 comes with loads of ultrasonic sensors as well as radar assistance that will make the overall driving experience a lot safer and smoother.

Honda Insight, The Top Safety Pick

The 2019 model has received the Top Safety Pick+ rating, making it one of the most secure cars you could be driving at the moment. The car has scored extremely well when its cabin was tested for collisions. Passengers are less likely to suffer injuries during impact, thanks to the quickly deploying airbags, which is always a huge plus for any car.

Kia Sorento, Impressive Headlight Performance

Kia Sorento proved has superior security features compared to its previous version from last year. The performance of its headlights helped take the score up a notch, with the car receiving the Superior rating for the Crash Avoidance and Mitigation test. The vehicle is also considered to be good in terms of small overlapping front crashing.

Acura RDX (2019), High Crash Avoidance Scores

The Acura RDX is an upgraded version of the luxury SUV from the manufacturer. The vehicle was rated Good in terms of board area safety, headlights included. Passenger safety was also superior compared to its predecessor while receiving the highest score possible on the Crash Avoidance and Mitigation tests. Acura engineers must be proud of their accomplished, while drivers are left to enjoy the newly improved safety features.

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