Are Motion Sensor Lights A Good Idea?

motion sensor lights

Find out all about motion sensor lights and what are the advantages of using them. For enhanced security of your property, this is an option you may want to consider having installed.

Motion sensor lights installed around your property should help you gain more peace of mind and calm your fears. Lights that automatically turning on when you need to navigate a dark, creepy, or icy sidewalk near your home or office is a true godsend. Motion detector lights are affordable and fast and easy to install.

Plus, these sensor lights are also excellent at keeping potential burglars away from your property. If you are interested in learning more about the way motion sensor lights work and what are the main advantages of using them, these next few lines should be helpful.

The Technology Behind Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are tiny electronic eyes that can detect infrared waves radiating from objects on the move. In other words, they detect warm objects including humans animals and vehicles. This is a passive system that can detect infrared energy with the help of passive infrared detectors. The sensors are sensitive to the human body temperature that is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit on average. This kind of temperature can radiate infrared energy with a wavelength located at around 10 micrometers. This makes motion sensors sensitive in a range of 8 to 10 micrometers.

When a moving object or live being is sensed in the device's field of view, the lights will turn on automatically. The lights will stay on at least one minute, and up to 20 minutes. This will depend on the interval preset you choose. The detector will finally shut the lights off provided the movement is no longer present.

The motion sensor lights are deactivated during the day with the help of photocells. The regular field of view these devices feature is a semicircular one of up to 240 degrees. Their distance range can usually be adjusted and it can expand as far as 70 feet. Keep in mind that even leaves blown by the wind could trigger the lights to turn on. In fact, there are many homeowners who refuse to have these devices installed because of this fact alone. It can get annoying to constantly have the motion senor lights activated by passing vehicles in the street and passers-by minding their own business. Your neighbors might not be the happiest either. Luckily, this problem can be solved easily by adjusting the distance-range setting and aiming the sensor so it can limit its field of view. A tape can also be applied to the sensor, even though it is recommended to change the settings instead.

Body Heat Sensor Fitting Instructions

  • Inspect the wattage limits written on the light fixtures and make sure that all the combined light bulbs will not go over them. Use LED light bulbs that consume less energy and are not affected by low temperatures the same way as standard bulbs.

  • Set the range of the sensor anywhere between 30 to 60 feet. This kind of distance should allow you to be alerted against anyone getting close to your home well ahead of time. Test a few different values out and see which of them works best for you.

  • The lights should be mounted 6 feet above the ground, at a minimum. The maximum height should 12 feet from the ground. Go higher and you will risk diminishing the coverage.

  • Keep the lights away from direct heat sources, including windows, swimming pools, heater exhaust areas, and the list goes on.

The Best Locations For Motion Sensor Lights

For best results, motion sensor lights should be placed to cover pathways that lead to your home's front and back doors, patio or backyard areas. Driveways are also good locations for installing motion sensor lights. This way, your path to your home will be nicely lit and you should escape the unpleasant feeling of fear and panic of driving to a dark place, especially if it is late at night.

These lights should also be used in other potentially hazardous spaces, including stairways and around swimming pool or pond areas. Trees and bushes are areas where potential home burglars may choose as a hideout before deciding to break into a lock. Place some sensor lights in these areas as well, and also focus on your fence gate.

While proper lighting cannot keep your property safe, it is an excellent deterrent against various security threats. For best results, these lights should be mounted ten feet above the ground. This way, most of the movement should occur across the sensitivity area instead of the area that is pointing directly to the detector. You may need to invest in a remote motion sensor device that you can install at a distance from the light. You should not worry about connecting the wires to the light, as they are low-voltage and they should not pose any direct threat to your health.

Motion sensor lights are good ways of receiving alerts whenever someone is getting close to your front door or house. The visitor will also receive the message that they have been noticed. If their intentions are bad, they might change their mind and move on to their next victim. For enhanced security, you should upgrade your door and window locks, add a peephole on your front door, surveillance cameras and a home alarm system.

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