Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

motorcycle security

You have invested a good deal of money in your motorcycle, therefore keeping it safe and secure is crucial. You can imply several measures to safeguard your bike.

Many guys love their motorcycles more than their cars, so they invest a lot of money in modifying them. According to surveys, over fifty thousand motorbikes are stolen every year in the United States. That’s shocking but what’s more astonishing is that this number continues to grow each year, and the saddest part is that more than half of these thefts could likely have been avoided by taking suitable precautionary measures.

Motorcycle Security Tips

Using a motorcycle is environment-friendly as it prevents troublesome traffic jams. Moreover, they prove to be budget-efficient in the long run as they use less gas compared to cars.

The best thing is that it hardly takes any time to park a motorbike as they need little space. However, since they are portable, they become more vulnerable to theft than larger vehicles such as cars or trucks. Thus, it is crucial that you safeguard your bike from thieves and take suitable measures to avoid such mishaps in the future.motorcycle lock

  1. Use Separate Steering and Ignition Locks: It is essential that you use ignition and steering locks to secure your motorbike. The use of a steering lock is necessary as it prevents the easy maneuvering of your bike and therefore, would deter a potential burglar from getting away with your bike. When your motorcycle has two locks –ignition and steering – the thief must spend more time unlocking both before stealing your bike.
  2. Do not Entice Anyone to Steal Your Motorcycle: If you don’t have a garage to keep your motorcycle safe from thieves, you can cover it. Keeping your motorcycle covered will deter robbers from knowing what you have. By just covering the bike, you are hiding the brand and not promoting the value of your bike. This is important because most of the time thieves become more tempted to steal the bike if it’s new and expensive.
  3. Park Your Motorcycle Safely: If you have to park your car outside your home, make certain that you choose a safe location that is within your sight. Avoid parking your car adjacent to a bigger vehicle such as a car, van, or truck as it would make it easy for robbers to do their work hidden. If possible, park your bike near the establishment door and choose a well-lit and open area to safeguard your bike. 
  4. Anchor Your Bike: Even when you have parked your car in an obvious location, don’t be certain that it is in a safe place. Make sure to fasten your bike onto something fixed such as a pole. If you don’t find any solid structure to anchor your bike and you are with your acquaintance, lock your bike theirs to make it more secure.
  5. Always Keep your Motorbike Keys with you: Even when you are going for a quick job, don’t leave the keys in the ignition. This offers an open invitation to anyone to steal your bike in a jiffy. You can also prevent motorbike theft by recording your key number. Since most key numbers are embossed on a lock, file them until they are barely noticeable. If anyone gets your key number, they can easily get a suitable key from a locksmith. By chance, when you lose your keys and you know your key number, it will be easier to get a new key made instead of buying the complete lock system!
  6. Install an Anti-Theft Alarm System: An alarm system is the best way to secure your motorbike. Whenever any potential thief touches your bike, the alarm system will run and make a loud noise to attract attention. In order to identify the sound of your alarm system from others, you can even consider customizing your alarm sound. Whichever sound you prefer, make certain that it is loud, clear and alerts people.
  7. Use Disc and Fork Locks: These prove to be an effective security system for your motorbike as they work to secure your bike in place by locking the wheel. Even when the thief gets hold of your keys, they won’t be able to get away with your bike, which is secured by a fork lock. Just like a fork lock, a disc lock works by preventing the motorcycle from moving by securing the brake in place.
  8. Install Security Cameras: You can consider installing a security camera, which is linked to smart devices and can be accessed at home or when you are away. Cameras are an easy way to keep watch on your motorcycle at all times. With even slight touch or motion around your motorbike, your camera will let you know that something doubtful may be occurring.
  9. Use an Engine Kill Switch: The kill switch prevents the motorcycle from moving anywhere. It should be used along with a disc lock to protect your motorcycle from being stolen.

Be Vigilant: Keep Your Bike Safe from Theft!

These are some of the effective tips that help protect your motorbike from being stolen. Implying a few of these tricks will protect your motorcycle when it is parked indoors or outdoors. 

Although these tips don’t guarantee a foolproof theft-prevention, they decrease the risk of your motorcycle from being stolen. Keep in mind that a motorbike is not a closed vehicle like a car and getting through is quite easy.

Safeguarding your bike from theft is not only dependent on alarms and other anti-theft tools, but also on your common sense and awareness. Make sure that you park your vehicle in a safe place and keep it locked at all times!

If you need help with anything related to the security of your bike, call On Time Locksmiths, our motorcycle locksmiths specialize in installing or repairing any type of lock or alarm for your bike.

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