Everything You Need To Know About Offices Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems For Offices

Find out what are access control systems for offices and how you can benefit from installing an access control system in your commercial space.

Office areas are usually some of the most sensitive places inside any commercial building. Given the important and confidential nature of the work that is done inside an office, securing it with the most reliable solutions is mandatory. Access restriction is one of the most efficient ways of keeping prying eyes and sticky hands outside the door. This is where access control systems come into the picture. These electronic systems have the capacity to restrict access to certain rooms, entire buildings or certain resources that are managed via a network.

If you are interested in having such a system installed, these next few lines should provide you with more valuable information. For any additional questions and concerns that you might have, feel free to get in touch with us.

How Does An Access Control System Work?

Offices Access Control SystemsAccess control systems have come along way since their inception a few decades ago. At the moment, access control systems refer to all types of electronic systems that use computers to grant access to a restricted building or a secured area. They require a card that allows users to enter a limited-access space. These cards play the role of the regular metal keys we are used to. It is not possible for such a system to be used on both interior and exterior doors. The main goal of an access control system for an office is to restrict the access of unauthorized persons while allowing authorized personnel to freely enter the premises. It is t only offices that can benefit from the advantages of these systems. Hospitals, warehouses, research labs, and schools are also part of the same list of satisfied beneficiaries, given the sensitive nature of these locations.

What Are Access Control Systems Made Of?

There are various types of access control systems, each with its own features and options. Systems that rely on access cards to grant access to a restricted area are comprised of the following:

  • Access cards that are used as electronic keys and which are normally encrypted with the help of complex codes. They are about the size of a regular credit card and they can also be used together with classic door locks.

  • Card readers are special access card reading devices that rely on electrical power to do the reading. They usually come in one of two forms: insertion and proximity. The first model requires users to place their access cards close to them, while the second model requires the insertion of the card for the checking to be completed and access to be granted. They are normally installed on the exterior side of restricted access doors on offices.

  • Keypads are also used together with access control systems, either along with them or separately. They have numeric keys on them that are similar to the ones used on touchpad phones and they are easy to use. They require users to memorize a unique access code they have been given in order to enter a room or a building. They are also used along with access cards.

  • Electronic lock hardware consists of anything from locks, devices sued for exiting and electric strikes.

  • Intelligent controllers are required inside all buildings that will benefit from access control system installation. Their role is to coordinate and manage all card readers, locks and the rest o the system hardware and grant or restrict access to visitors, according to previously established security protocols.

  • Servers are critical computers used as databases for office access control systems. They are responsible for recording all entries and entry attempts and sharing all data to the control panels.

How Are Access Control Systems Installed In An Office Space?

Vendors usually handle the installation, with the security coordinator turning into the supervisor of the system once the system will be in place. Prior to using an access control system for the first time, this person will choose the most suitable software with a host computer and determine the parameters that will need to be met in order for access to be granted.

In other words, the system must know which cards to recognize and validate for each of the targeted doors and sensitive resources. Access will usually be granted for a limited amount of time, usually a few seconds – just think in terms of an intercom system that relies on access cards that each apartment owner can use to enter the building. Security coordinators will rely on clearance codes to define the necessary privileges and parameters.

Doors controlled with the help of these systems will not allow anyone from the exterior to get in unless they possess the right access card. Any forced attempt will automatically enable a forced door alarm that will be noticeable inside the building.

There is also the unlock feature on a door that uses a card reader; the respective feature will allow the door to unlock on its own, at predefined hours, without the use of a card.

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