Common Security Issues When Buying an Older Home

older home security

Are you in the market for a new home? Consider buying an older home, they have lots of character, however, it is important that you check it thoroughly for any security issues.

The look, charm and the exclusive characteristics of older homes are undeniably special. This is what generally attracts buyers when considering whether to buy an old home or something newer. Most often, old homes are in posh locations and are available at a lower price compared to contemporary high-rise flats.

It can be a wise investment to buy an old home, particularly for first-time buyers; however, it is crucial that you know the security issues you should check for before making an offer. In order to help potential home-buyers in the process of buying an old home, we have listed some issues that they should be on the lookout for Outdated Electrical and Plumbing. outdated plumbing

Installing and rewiring the updated plumbing and electrical equipment costs a lot of money and is a lengthy project; unfortunately, many old homes are outdated in this matter. However, it is important to know that old electrical wiring and plumbing are unsafe and hazardous since the old electrical system can cause a fire and rusty water pipes can cause leakage and unnecessary water flow.

When planning to buy an old house with these outdated features, make sure to gauge the condition of the pipes and wiring and inquire when they were last upgraded. Get in touch with a plumber and an electrician and ask for a quote to learn how much you might need to invest in replacing them with a new system.

If the house has upgraded plumbing and electrical systems, check if everything runs securely, proficiently, and legally.

Check Garage Doors

It is crucial that you check the garage doors on the potential house you are looking to buy. This is imperative because old garage doors may pose a risk to the overall security of the house. Make sure the garage door is made of solid material and has a quality lock and key system installed.

If the garage door works with a remote, check if the remote is in good working condition and that the batteries are charged. If anything looks faulty, it is best to get the entire door replaced. You can consider installing a side lock on the garage door that comes with a zinc-plated steel lock and springs.

Alternatively, you can check door locks that have key cylinders and a T-handle, which can be used together to offer strength and security to a garage door. If the garage door connects to the home, it becomes extremely necessary to equip the door with the proper security systems.

Worn and Broken Locks on Exterior Doors

Most older houses have worn or broken locks on exterior doors. It is best to contact your local locksmith and get all the locks of the house checked. They will let you know which locks are in good working condition and which need replacements.

In general, deadbolt locks are a top choice as they offer extra security to any door. You should also consider using a wireless lock that you can control from your smart devices, fingerprint, Bluetooth and keypad locks.

There are several ways to strengthen the security of old homes, including installing smart locks to deter potential robbers. However, make sure that you hire reputed locksmith professionals who are knowledgeable and offer genuine advice and lock recommendations within your budget!

Inspect the Windows and Doors Thoroughlylarge windows

In general, intruders gain entry to the house through doors and windows. Windows in old houses may have a specific attraction but they may lack proper security when compared to newer models.

Old windows may have flimsy clutches and corroded hinges weakened by years of wear and tear. Always check for these minor yet crucial issues when you go to check the house. If there are sliding windows and doors, consider adding metal or wooden bars to make them more secure.

You should spend a large amount of time and patience checking the doors of the house you want to buy. Check for cracks and rotting in the door jambs to find out how vulnerable they are to a strong push. Inspect for missing screws in the strikes and hinges and, if necessary, consider replacing them with better, longer screws to add security.

Faulty Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Smoke Alarms

Most houses in the United States need smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. They might be installed in the old house you want to buy but you should check that they are in good working condition and updated with the latest security standards.

If they are not up to the mark, consider replacing them with newer and smarter alternatives that link to your smart devices or an app so you can inspect the security of your home even when you are away. Experts suggest installing a carbon monoxide detector on every floor and a smoke alarm in every room of your home to ensure overall safety.

Top Tips for Inspecting Old Homes

  • Don’t be in a hurry to buy a home, particularly an older one! Make sure that you have completed the home inspection to your satisfaction before signing a deal.
  • Consider adding a standard contingency in the agreement in case you discover the house needs many repairs.
  • Besides checking the security system of the house, also check other areas such as the roof and get a termite inspection.

The Security of Your Home and Your Loved Ones is Important!

Every homeowner should take the security of their home and property seriously. A secure home protects people and possessions. While newer houses are built in accordance with the latest security features, older houses lack them.

Through the inspection of your home and nearby properties, you can be aware of potential intruder entries and security risks that need to be assessed.

To schedule a security assessment, or help with any security-related issue, call On Time Locksmiths today!

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