Install Door Push Bars and Save Lives

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Security systems are one of the most important things to plan when establishing a new business or designing any commercial or office space. Security issues should never be ignored and it is always advisable to invest both time and money to build a proper system and emergency solutions.

Some of the features a good and reliable security system should have include: smoke detectors, sprinklers, clear signing and safety drills, as well as special panic doors or panic bars installed on doors. Together, all these elements provide a system of emergency exits for easy and fast evacuation in case of fires, electrical or plumbing failures and other emergencies. And certainly, a reliable and functional emergency exits system, fire control, and evacuation plan.

Your Company Needs A Panic Door!

One of the basic equipment used for emergency exits and pathways are panic doors with door push bars widely used in commercial and office settings. You might not have heard the term, but you have most certainly seen panic doors many times in public and commercial spaces. Any hospital, library, school, shopping mall or gym needs to have a system of panic doors on their evacuation path. These doors have handles called push bars. Door push bars are spring-loaded so you can push the door open while simultaneously unlatching the lock. This system allows saving time while escaping the building in an emergency.

Panic doors are crucial for a reliable security system for your office or commercial buildings. They are highly effective and have been made obligatory in some types of facilities. The door push bars themselves however, they will not provide full protection. Panic doors should be accompanied by other solutions like security cameras, motion sensors, smoke detectors or high tech smart locks and alarm systems. They increase safety by directing the evacuation and help in other situations, like keeping certain parts of the premises locked and secured from unauthorized access.

Panic doors are equipped with hardware that can set an alarm off when pushed. This way the whole building is alerted to the danger and people can proceed to the closest emergency exit as soon as they hear the alarm. Panic doors prevent creating delays and crowding of people in a panic, which can be very dangerous. This is why panic bars are necessary for large and crowded commercial spaces. It takes a second to start a panic rush when there is a fire or other emergency. People tend to think irrationally, they act on instinct and when there are large groups this may easily cause tragedy. When a large number of people run to the exit, and there is a knob or handle that needs to be pressed, twisted or code has to be pressed, this causes delays, an increase in panic levels, and then falls and potential injury. The idea of panic bars and panic doors was established after a few serious tragedies when people were unable to exit the facility or building easily and quickly. In many cases, the seconds you save thanks to panic bars can make a big difference and simply save lives.

Most panic doors are used in fire escape paths, and hence should be fire rated. Panic doors can work as part of fire break or fire walls, that obstruct the passage of fire and keep it from spreading at least for a couple of hours. This time can be critical for all employees and customers to evacuate and for the premises not to get completely damaged.

Exit Door Push Bars Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

Push bar exits

Panic doors are also quite affordable. If you look up other solutions and appliances offered by locksmiths and security systems specialists, you will see that installing a panic door or a push bar is relatively inexpensive. And the additional benefit is that having panic doors on your premises can decrease insurance rates significantly. The more comprehensive your security system will be, the bigger the chance to save money on insurance.

There are different types of panic hardware that are suitable for all kinds of doors, wooden, metal and aluminum. The design and features of the push bar may also vary from traditional push bars and economical options to panic bars that are suited for more demanding architecture and design. There is a lot to choose from, so it’s worth to take a look at the variety of products on offer.

What Our Commercial Locksmiths Can Do For You

To install panic doors at your premises, you need to contact our professional locksmith team. Our fast commercial locksmiths will inform you of all of the available security options for business and commercial purposes. We offer a wide range of services from lock replacement to security systems installations and repairs. Our technicians specialize in installing, maintenance and servicing of panic doors and door push bars.

Our specialists can also help you analyze the existing safety and emergency protocol on your premises and offer solutions to increase the safety of you, your employees and your property. We understand that nobody likes to think about these kinds of unwanted and dangerous events, but having a professional emergency strategy can one day prove to have been the best investment of your money and time. An investment that can save lives.

Call our 24/7 hotline and find out how easy and affordable it is to get a panic bar installed on your company exit.

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