How To Keep Your Pool Secured and Locked

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Pool security comes first! Learn how to keep your pool safe and secure with pool lock advise from the locksmith professionals. 

There is nothing like a swimming pool on a hot summer day. The cool water, the splashing and playing with friends and family so often brings some of the best memories to the fore. And while pool safety generally does not play a significant part in those flashbacks, it cannot be overlooked. Without making sure your pool is gated, locked, and secured, especially with non-swimmers around, those amazing memories can turn very, very dark. Have a look at our safety advice and pool tips so that you can enjoy the good old days, make new memories, and relish that sweet summer fun. 

Keeping Your Pool Area Locked and Safe

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Summertime is often a carefree, relaxing break from the insanity of our lives. That does not mean that our responsibilities disappear, but that happy-go-lucky feeling is really what the summer is all about. Though it may be really difficult to focus on the nuts and bolts, sometimes literally, involved in securing your pool area, especially as you bask in the sun, it is something that absolutely cannot be overlooked or ignored.  The need for children to be supervised and protected does not take the summer off, and the risk of them wandering into the pool area is that much greater during this season. Rather than potentially ruining your life as well as that of others, take a look at some of the locks listed below that can keep your pool secured as well as give you the peace of mind you should be able to enjoy in the summer.  And remember too that your 24/7 Locksmiths are always available to help you choose and install a pool gate lock that is right for you.

Magnetic Pool Gate Locks     

Magnetic pool gate locks work by securing the gate around your pool by hooking together or latching on their own.  While the latch feature is designed to function automatically, it can also be opened manually. If you are feeling a bit more creative though, a foot tap or hip bump my work too! In addition to these features, you can also attach a lock to the gate that requires key access.  Yet even more flexible, is the fact that you can have a keyless lock or lock requiring a key attached to the gate around your pool. As far as versatility goes, magnetic pool gate locks are up there.

Locinox Security Knob

The Locinox Security Knob is another great way to safeguard your pool area. This knob involves using a good deal of effort and solid coordination in order to open it. The Locinox Security Knob also includes a door lock that can positively irritate curious little folks who should not be in the pool area by themselves. This is because the knob is a pretty labor-intensive mechanism, as far as gates and doors are concerned. This lock holds up well as both a safety device and a preventive line of defense, especially when it comes to all that effort unassuming children’s hands are simply not capable of using.

Lockey Double-Sided Push Button Lock

The Lockey Double-Sided Push Button Lock is a lock that must be fastened on both the inner and outer sides of the gate to which it is affixed. This double-sided lock is weatherproof (a boon in the very hot, humid days of summer) and allows for keyless entry to your gated pool area.  This version of the Lockey lock really adds a double layer of security, that does well to keep the little ones and non-swimmers of any age, away from tragedy.

Twist 40 Swimming Pool Lock

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Another great pool lock is the Twist 40 Swimming Pool Lock.  This lock is made of stainless steel and is designed to be installed at the top of the gate that surrounds your pool.  It opens only when you both twist the lock and press down while doing so. This particular lock prevents wandering children, whether they are yours or someone else’s, from getting into the pool area. With its self- hinging, automatic latch close, this gate lock has proven itself very safe and sturdy for pool gates, big and small alike.

Lockey Keyless Lever Deadbolt Lock

As with most deadbolts, the Lockey Keyless Lever Deadbolt Lock is meant to be easy to use while also being hardy, sturdy, and powerful. This lock introduces a level of technological sophistication to pool gate locks, as it requires the installation of a keypad on both the inside and outside of your gate.  Additionally, you can choose identical access codes for each keypad or different ones depending on the level of security you are looking for. This keyless lever deadbolt is meant to withstand some of the harshest temperatures and weather conditions around, which makes it practical and efficient no matter the climate in which you live.

Safety First, Then Fun

Warm temperatures, barbecues, and lots and lots of swimming are some of the best-known hallmarks of the summer.  We all want to have fun and just enjoy our time being outside and together. But it behooves us to do anything and everything within our power to keep our kids, and others’ kids, away from pools that can easily prove far too dangerous and even deadly, for the unsuspecting non-swimmer. While children are, without a doubt, their parents’ responsibility, reality and experience tell us that sometimes kids do their own thing, even under watchful eyes.  

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