Pros And Cons Of Window Bars

Window Bars

Your home is your castle and if you also have children, precious works of art, expensive paintings hanging on the walls, jewelry parts of the family heirloom or high-tech electronics inside the household, you will need to do everything in your power to guard your property against perils 24/7.

Besides having sturdy locks on your doors, preferably deadbolt locks, topped by a decent alarm system, window bars are excellent additional solutions.

Home Burglary Statistics Are Worrying

The FBI talks about one home falling victim to a burglary every 18 seconds. That's up 5,000 homes a day. How soon do you think that your own home will fall victim to a neighborhood burglar? Adopting the 'it can't happen to me' mentality is wrong on many levels. Wishful thinking will not keep your home protected against break-in attempts, especially if your security system is obsolete, vulnerable or of poor-quality.

On average, a burglar will be in and out of a victim's home in less than ten minutes. A seasoned burglar might manage to rob your place from your prized possessions, cash, and jewelry that is easy to grab in less than ten minutes. If the robbery happens late at night, while you are sound asleep, chances are you won't even know what hit you until the early hours of the morning. Up to thirty percent of burglars prefer to use the front door or a ground-floor window to enter a home they are about to rob. If your windows are not properly protected against intruders, consider having some window grills installed.

Are Window Bars A Good Idea?

Window grills come with their pros and cons that could convince you to have them fitted as soon as possible or, on the contrary, steer clear from them. In order to make the best decision possible, you will need to familiarize yourself with all the pros and the cons of using window bars or grills.

Pros Of Using Window Bars

Window GrillsIf you are looking to enhance window security, installing window bars is a good idea since:

  • They are made of thick, sturdy materials that make it difficult for potential burglars to break them manually or cut them using specialized tools without making loud noises that will attract the attention of homeowners, passers-by or neighbors.

  • Not all windows are difficult to beak, so adding bars or grills to them should ensure higher levels of security.

  • Used together with window locks, they will prove to be even more reliable and efficient. You can opt for small, simple locks or electronic, sensor-based locks that will send alerts to your smartphone as soon as they will record any suspicious activity around your windows.

  • You can leave your windows wide open and enjoy the fresh air all day long without fearing someone might use this vulnerable location to make their way in without your consent. If your teenage children tend to sneak out of the house using a window, having window bars fitted should help you keep them under better surveillance.

  • Pets and small children at risk of climbing furniture pieces and falling off a window can also benefit from the added protection of these bars or grills.

  • If you are running on a small budget, but you still wish to make your home safer and better protected, window bars are an affordable solution.

  • Finding a professional home locksmith service in your area that can expertly fit fresh bars on your windows while charging small rates or offering discounts for several windows will also help.

Cons Of Using Window Grills

  • If you need to evacuate your home because of an emergency such as a fire, a flood or something else, window bars may prevent you from safely getting out. During a home fire started in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep, the fire could damage the locks on the entryways and prevent you from getting out. In this case, the windows are your next best shot. If they are protected with sturdy bars, it will be nearly impossible for you to evacuate your home.

  • In case the authorities need to get inside your house as soon as possible during an emergency to prevent a tragedy from happening, window bars may also prevent them from doing their job on time. This is, by far, one of the most important reasons why you might not want to have these security devices installed in the first place.

  • Window grills installed on apartment windows will also prevent you from using the fire escape exit in case of a home fire or a similar threat. They cannot be manipulated in the open/closed position, which means that you will need to rely on an alternative exit.

  • The aesthetic factor is also something worth considering when deciding if you should have window bars installed or not. To some people, these grills give a home the design of a prison institution. If you are someone who appreciates your home's curb appeal and you pay great attention to the aesthetics of your home's exterior, you might fear these grills may ruin its charm and beauty. However, they are excellent antique or modern-day designs for window bars you could take a look at. You may be able to come across a model that perfectly fits your home's overall design, so try not to completely disregard this device because of the aesthetic factor alone.

  • You may also think that window grills would make your home look like a prison – and you might experience living in it not as pleasant anymore. Bars and grills could obstruct your usually spectacular window view. No more spectacular sunsets in the evening or divine sunrises early in the morning; are you ready to give that up for a greater sense of home security?

We are here to assist you with your window grill installation needs as well as any other window security services you might require. We are fast, affordable, reliable and friendly and you can find us 24 hours a day for emergencies.

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