Why And How Sea Air Can Rust Your Locks

How Sea Air Can Rust Your Locks

Sea air and air with a high concentration of salt in it, can cause your locks to rust and get corroded. If you are dealing with this sort of situation and need to replace your locks, as a result, contact On Time Locksmiths and we will provide you with the best and most affordable service.

If you live near the ocean, on the one hand, you are a very lucky person - you get to take in the divine breeze every day and indulge yourself in endless hours of relaxin swimming and sunbathing. On the other hand, while the scenery might be out of this world, being too close to the ocean can actually cause some less than pleasant effects. Just think of the cool breeze blowing through your hair while driving around the city with your windows rolled down. Now think about your car locks for a second and try to imagine how that same breeze could potentially damage the locks. And it's not only the locks on your car that may be negatively influenced by your proximity to the sea.

All metal objects, including home locks, bike padlocks or keys could be harmed because of the high percentage of salt found in the sea air. Even the entire body of your car could suffer because of the salt. We are talking about rust that could cover your locks and car and eventually cause lock and key malfunction and car faults.

To come to your help, here are a few extra details on how rust can wreak havoc on your vehicle and what you can do to prevent that from happening.

Sea Air Can Rust Your Locks

locksmith near meSimply put, rust is the formation of iron oxide on metal surfaces it is responsible for triggering chemical changes in the respective metal object and it is caused by exposure to water. The oxidization process can occur even faster when salt is found in the atmosphere.

While, at first, the chemical changes will only affect the surface of the metal, they will eventually cause it to become weak in time. Ocean air is known to be salty, which makes all metal objects in your possession vulnerable and prone to rusting. Keys and locks could easily turn brittle and start to break into your own hands, while accumulated rust inside the keyway of a lock could easily prevent you from effectively using the respective lock.

When this occurs, it is imperative to take immediate action or risk completely compromising the lock. Getting in touch with the best locksmith in your proximity should help you avoid a series of issues. If you do not know how to clean oxidized door handles or you want to learn more about salt corrosion, these next few lines should help.

How To Fix Salt Corrosion Problems On Locks

Despite your attempts to prevent your locks, door handles or keys from getting covered in rust, you may still witness the phenomenon sooner or later. Depending on your proximity to the ocean, you may confront this matter sooner or later.

Knowing how to accurately spot any signs of rusted locks will help you do the necessary repairs on time and avoid having to spend extra on buying a new lock. A slight discoloration of the metal will be one of the first elements you will need to pay attention to when looking for saltwater corrosion signs. Search for any shades and traces of brown, red or orange on the locks, keys, padlocks, and door handles on the exterior as well as on the interior doors around the house. Do not forget to check the locks and ignition switch on your vehicle as well. Unfortunately, you cannot filter the air that reaches your home or car, which means the interior of your home is also subject to saltwater and its corrosive effects.

You could try to use some specialized over-the-counter rust cleaners at the first signs of rust covering your metal locks or keys, or you could act smart and get in touch with our reliable locksmith service and let us take care of the problem for you. We will either professionally clean your locks and eliminate all traces of rust, then apply a protective anti-rust coating, or fix jammed or broken locks or keys on your home or car.

Why Antirust Locks Are A Good Idea

locked rusted by sea airOne of the most reliable rust prevention solutions we recommend to our clients who live near the sea or ocean is to invest in anti-rust locks that work well in saline conditions. These are the so-called marine locks that have been designed to withstand even the most devastating effects of salt in the air. The locks are usually made of a stainless steel body in order to accurately handle the threat of salt corrosion. They are also covered in plastic in order to further protect the respective metal topped by a gasket made of rubber. The role of the gasket is to protect the interior of the lock since most locks are not weather-resistant on the interior.

Boat locks are also prone to be affected by salt in the air and they could cause serious damage during the off-season when your boat will hibernate at the docks.

More Lock Rusting Prevention Methods

Salt air corrosion protection locks can help, but if, for some reason, you cannot find such locks in your area and you do not have the time to hire a locksmith to help you install them, they won't be of much help. A little rust, however, can be successfully handled by homeowners with over-the-counter solutions. There are also products that can be used to prevent the rust from settling in, to begin with, and they be found online, at local hardware stores or they can be recommended by residential or automotive locksmiths.

Regular lock maintenance performed by trained lock technicians can also help to some extent, as your regular locksmith should be able to notice any early signs of rust and recommend the best solutions. Get in touch with us if you need any kind of help with your rusty locks, keys or doorknobs!

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