What Makes a Lock Secure?

how is the lock secure

Locks are one of the most important items that keep us safe from intruders. Learn how locks are made, how they work, and the craftsmanship needed to make them. We talk a lot about locking our doors and windows whether we are at home, at work, or in a car.

Locks are made of metal and molded in such a way as to keep us safe and secure. But how are they made to be so sturdy and efficient? And how are they able to keep us safe in so many situations and places? From small locks too big ones, they are hands down, one of the most important protective devices keeping us and our belongings safe from intruders and thieves.  Learn about how locks are made, how they work, and the specialized craftsmanship needed to make them.

How Are Quality Locks Crafted?

Though locks can be secured with a mere twist of a key, the press of push pad buttons, or closing of a latch, it seems pretty incredible that we entrust, on a regular basis and across the world, much of our safety to a few pieces of metal.  Let us take a look at how locks are made and the features we have learned to rely so heavily upon.

  • Most locks are made out of brass or zinc that has been melted and then cast into specially designed slots that together, make up the intricate parts of a lock. The outer workings of locks can be made from any number of materials, but different types of metals are typically used because of their strength and durability. In fact, stainless steel and chrome are frequently incorporated into the creation of locks for this reason.

  • Locks are generally designed to meet a customer’s needs and requirements.  For example, certain types of house locks, secure lockssuch as deadbolts, Mortise locks, and doorknob locks, are frequently used because of their quality and reputation for safety,  and therefore requested by the general public. Lock manufacturers can adjust and customize their existing products to meet a client’s needs, making the device a higher or lower security product.

  • In addition to the materials and specifications lock makers must consider, various accouterments are also added to ensure client safety and satisfaction.  For example, installing shield guards that prevent criminals from picking a lock so they cannot lawlessly enter your premises, as well as adding longer screws and bolts to best secure the lock’s strike and mounting plate to the door, add to the quality and efficiency of the product.
  • Because there so many types of customers with different needs and design ideas, there are so many different types of locks to meet those needs.  Just some of the locks available to customers today include padlocks, knob locks, deadbolts, mortise locks, and Jimmy proof deadbolts. Each of these locks serves a common purpose- keeping what is inside protected from whatever is outside, as well as a particular safety, structure, and design requirement for the client. For example…

What Makes a Lock Secure

Padlocks are free-standing and work by securing items together that can only be retrieved or unlocked with a specially designed key.

Knob locks work by turning a small device within the doorknob that secures the lock in place.  Though on the lower end of security, it works well for some.

Mortise locks allow for a thick metal block to fit into a specially carved opening in the door frame.  This block is then locked into place by a small knob.

Jimmy proof deadbolts attach to the side of a door frame and with a turn of a knob, secures your home with a two-part bolt that sits vertically in the cylinder.  

The Most Secure Locks on the Market

While having so many designs and manufacturers is great for choice and the economy, what really matters when it comes to choosing the right lock, is its security, durability, damage resistance, and to a large degree, its ease of use. In addition to the locks, most of us are used to, there are now locks that rely on Bluetooth and wireless technology.  We will not cover those here, but you should know that your choice pool is even wider than you may have realized.

So when it comes to the best on the market, consider these:

  • Deadbolt locks

These locks are known for their sturdiness and are found most often on residential doors. These locks do not contain a spring Most secure lockand are opened with a key from the outside and a button from the inside.  Deadbolts usually come with a single-cylinder, but for even greater security, you can have a double cylinder deadbolt installed.

  • Locksets and Handlesets

These locks offer medium level security and are usually used with a deadbolt. Locksets lock on the inside by pressing on a button and use a key in order to open it from the outside.  Handlesets differ in that they can only lock from the inside and occasionally feature a decorative door knob or handle on the exterior of the door.

  • Keyless Door Locks

The genius of this kind of lock is that many, utilize a rolling key code that ensures that the same codes are never used twice. Some models even come with a built-in alarm so that there is an extra layer of embedded security, which is particularly helpful if someone enters the wrong code to get in. These locks are very versatile as they can be used on outer, inner, and garage doors

  • Mortise Locks

These locks are used in most residential settings and include a frame that sits in a carved out recess in a door.  With faceplates, knobs, and keyholes, you can open the door from both the interior and exterior sides, while also activating the inner deadbolt.

Whatever kind of lock you are looking for, make sure that you contact our expert locksmiths at On Time Locksmiths to ensure proper installation, quality, and service.

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