Best Ski and Snowboard Locks

Best Ski and Snowboard Locks

When you are having an adventurous day on the slopes and are heading towards the resort, you will usually take breaks for filling gas or grabbing a bite to eat. Because snowboard gear is expensive, losing it would be quite frustrating.

It is important, therefore, that you take every appropriate action to keep them secure. You can do so by investing in a good lock and key system that will not only keep your things safe but also keep you at peace while you are enjoying the slopes. 

The Best Ski and Snowboard Locks Review

In this section, we will discuss the best ski and snowboard locks to help you in choosing the right one. You might need a lock to secure your gears on the resort or lock them against an object, you must choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

Things to Consider When Buying Ski And Snowboard Locks

Best Ski and Snowboard LocksIn addition to offering protection to your equipment, these locks keep things organized. When finding ski and snowboard locks, there are some things that you must consider.

People buy locks for their needs. Locks for ski equipment come with numerous designs and are created with varying capacities. Find the one that best suits your needs. There are several kinds of ski locks available on the market, such as:

  • Cable Locks: These are one of the most popular ski locks as they are specifically manufactured to be used on snow and they are easy to carry to make it simpler for you to keep them with you during the day. These locks are secured by just draping the cable around the board and skis and secured with a code for security.
  • Tether Locks: These are another type of ski lock that is heavier than the cable ones and they offer great protection compared to other locks. You need to carry the lock with yourself. These locks come with ski-bindings, or a closed-loop to secure the equipment. There is a rope at one end that is used to cover the skis and it is secured with a code or key.
  • Rack Locks: These types of lock are quite popularly found in ski resorts of Europe. Compared to tether and cable locks, they are more secure and handy to use. However, one of their cons is that they need to be used with specific kinds of ski racks and they are not present in every ski resort. The rack locks make use of a pin to secure the skis in one position so they are not easy to detach. The lock is properly secured with a key to ensuring that no one other than the owner can unlock it easily.
  • Wireless locks: These are the more advanced and sophisticated types of locks that don’t limit the movement of skis and snowboards. This is because it makes use of an alarm system and sensors to sense any movement and raise an alarm to discourage thieves. With the use of a screw or tape, the system is attached to each ski and is operated by the application on your smart gadgets. These locks work by detecting motion and activating an alarm.

The Capacity of Ski and Snowboard Locks

When searching for the appropriate skis and snowboards lock, it is essential that you find that one that is spacious enough to secure all your accessories. Find out the number of skis and snowboards you want to lock.

The smaller locks will be able to secure only a few skis and snowboards.  Always know the length and diameter of the cable before purchasing so that you can buy a lock that is suitable for you.

Choose the Right Strength for Your Ski and Snowboard Locks

One most vital factor that you should consider when buying a ski lock is the strength of it. It is not always necessary to buy heavy locks considering that they will be secure. You must know that strength does not always mean heavy. Make sure the lock that you choose offers good protection and is also easy to carry.

Know About Their Locking Mechanism

Every ski lock has a unique locking mechanism. Some of the locks come available with a combination code and others with physical keys.

Most commonly, people opt for ski locks that come with a digit combination mechanism. This lets the user create a secret pin code that will help them to protect their gears. The combination code locks can be three or four digits.

Other ski locks come with a key where it is important that you keep your keys safe so that you don’t lose them. So, sort your priorities and decide the type of lock you will need for your ski gear. The best ski and snowboard locks must be made from durable material that can resist some force. These locks must also be simple and handy to use.

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Ski locks work well to keep skis and snowboards safe. Since most of such equipment comes at a high price, you must keep them secure with a suitable lock.

Because every person has their own requirement, they must find out which type of lock they should buy. Some people need locks for securing only their skis while others look for ones that can secure their work equipment as well.

Regardless of the type of ski lock you need, make sure that you find the one that is secured and functional. It must be strong and durable enough to discourage thieves. In short, find the one that works great for you.

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