Steering Wheel Locks

Steering wheel locks add an extra layer of security to any vehicle that already has a modern security system. They are great at preventing thieves from stealing a car as they can put up an additional physical barrier against these attempts. If you are not sure how a steering wheel lock works or which model you should opt for, here are some guidelines that you should find handy.

What Is A Steering Wheel Lock and How Does It Work?

Steering wheel locks are sturdy pieces of bulky metal that will cause the steering wheel to lock in case someone attempts to start the engine and move the car without using the right key. Both the front and the back movements of the tires will automatically trigger a lever filled with springs to engage a slot and lock the steering mechanism.

Advantages of Using Steering Wheel Lockssteering wheel lock

In other words, whenever someone tries to start your car using the wrong key or no key at all, this piece of metal will prevent the steering wheel from moving. The lock is difficult to crack, which means it makes for a good deterrent against opportunist thieves trying their luck on your parked.

Steering wheel locks are considered powerful visual deterrents and most people choose to rely on them for this reason alone.  They can also provide you with a lot more peace of mind at the thought that your precious vehicle should remain safe and sound whenever parked. No one wants to worry about having their DVD player, other electronics or personal possessions stored inside their vehicle stolen, let alone have someone stole their car. No matter how good an insurance policy you might have, the psychological stress and burden of knowing someone has broken into your car and taken something that belongs to you will be difficult to cope with.  

Another important argument that you should consider for investing in a steering wheel lock is, as follows: locks on steering wheels can  successfully prevent the wheel from turning properly. This means that provided a thief does manage to break into your car and take off with it without having to crack the wheel lock, they will have a very hard time maneuvering it with ease. Making a clear turn would be almost impossible, which means the thief will find it difficult to maintain the car in a safe lane.

The Best Types of Steering Wheel Locks

Enclosed Steering Wheel Locks

Enclosed steering wheel locks can offer more protection against theft since they can perfectly enclose the wheel in their shells made of hardened steel. This makes cracking them too difficult for most thieves to even bother trying. One disadvantage of these types of locks comes from the fact they are rather bulky and they weigh more than other locks.

Classic Types of Steering Wheels

The majority of locks for steering wheels are traditional locks that are shaped like long bars and they need to be connected to the wheels with the help of hooks or arms that extend. This way, the lock will keep the steering wheel in one place in the spokes. When these locks are attached the right way, they will effectively prevent the thief from getting too far.

Wheel-To-Pedal Steering Wheel Locks

These locks are meant to hook into a pedal and the steering wheel and they can stop a thief from using the two key control points of the car. This is the bulkiest type of steering wheel lock you can currently find on the market, and some car owners might have a difficult time using it or storing it in their cars.  No matter which of these lock models you might decide to buy and start using to enhance security on tour car, make sure you consult a professional locksmith for cars. Our expert locksmiths specialize in all types of automotive lock, key, and security services and they can provide professional advice thanks to their long, hands-on experience installing steering wheel locks over the years.

The Best Steering Wheel Locks To Invest In Today

The Original Club

Produced by Winner International, it is by far the most popular type of steering wheel lock you could currently find on the market. The manufacturer has continued to bring improvements and make tweaks to their popular steering wheel lock over the years and investing in the Original Club should ensure more protection for your vehicle, no matter where you may need to park it.

The Heavy-Duty Anti-Theft Lock by Monojoy

This is one of the most popular steering wheel locks by the guys at Monojoy thanks to its high levels of sturdiness and the excellent quality of the steel, aluminum, and alloy that can pass any sawing or prying attempt with flying colors. The lock is also convenient thanks to its patented feature that allows it to lock itself with a single pull. Maneuvering this lock is simple and unlock the wheel can be done in just a few seconds. The lock has U design which makes it even more reliable and its sturdy body makes it suitable to be used as a safety hammer as well. The handle is covered in foam to prevent scratches on the steering wheel and you can also use it as a self-defense tool thanks to its heavyweight. It comes with a telescopic lock fork that is fully adjustable and which allows you to place it on the steering wheel with a lot of ease, no matter if you are driving an SUV, a van, or a car.

The Disklok Steering Wheel Lock

The Disklock company has been in the industry for more than two decades and their innovative designs have helped them come up with some of the most effective anti-theft devices in the industry. The Disklock Security Device is suitable for almost all car models with a wheel that measures between 13.7 inches and 15.3 inches. It also features three keys and it is sold with the Official Disklok Window Sticker that should deter potential thieves in the neighborhood.

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