Stolen Car Check Apps: The Best Way To Find Out If You Are Buying A Stolen Car!

stolen car check apps

It is common these days to buy a stolen car from a fraudulent dealer. Take the help of a stolen car check app to be safe from the possibility of an illegal transaction. 

Purchasing a car is not only a tedious procedure but expensive as well. Getting yourself a car only to find out later that it is a stolen vehicle can be embarrassing and frustrating as well. There are astonishing stories of clever thieves who sell the stolen car to buyers and get away with a hefty amount of money.

Learning how to safeguard yourself from such treachery can save you from unnecessary hassles and losing your money.

The Shocking Statistics

stolen car check appsThe latest statistics thrown by the FBI has indicated that more than seventy thousand vehicles are stolen per year. And surprisingly it is not only the expensive cars that are being stolen but regular cars as well.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has cited the top ten stolen cars in their Hot Wheels Report of 2016. The most commonly targeted cars are the Honda Accord and Honda Civic.

When planning to buy an old car from an outsider online or from your local dealer, it is essential that you remain extra watchful and use your good judgment. This is important because if the car that you have bought is found to be stolen property, it can be taken from you without any question asked.

How Burglars Sell a Stolen Vehicle

Burglars are often very smart. They are aware of all the possible ways to sell stuff without leaving any evidence. Many car robbers break down the stolen car and sell their individual parts. Selling a whole vehicle, however, is much more profitable.

In order to make their sale look legal, they find the legitimate details of a registered vehicle of the same year, model and brand and sell their stolen vehicle with this information. They make use of a wrong VIN and modify the numbers accordingly.

How to Know If You Are Buying a Stolen Car?

The possibility of purchasing a stolen vehicle is evidently greater nowadays. You will certainly need to do some research. There are several efficient ways to find out if you are buying a stolen car. Continue reading to find out for yourself.

Conduct a Completely Free VIN Check

Every vehicle has a VIN number and you must check it before buying a car. There are 17 characters in a VIN number and it works as a Social Security Number of a car. Never believe the VIN number the seller is giving you. Examine the car thoroughly to find the VIN. In general, you will find it on the dashboard, car door, underneath the spare tire, rear-wheel, engine block, or windshield.

Make sure that the seller has not tampered with the VIN number. Always check for damage marks, tears, and scratches. Keep in mind that the VIN label should be smooth to the touch.

You can search the VIN through the National Insurance Crime Bureau database to find out if the car is reported and not yet recovered. There are tools to conduct this research and assist you in protecting yourself against illegal purchases.

Contact Your Locksmith To Examine The Vehicle!

Bringing the car to us will help you find out if there are any possible issues with the vehicle. At On Time Locksmiths we will check if there is anything wrong with your vehicle. Our team includes expert and experienced locksmiths who will also find out if the VIN has been tampered with.

Use Carfax to Check the Vehicle's History

Carfax is one of the valuable tools that help you find out the history of the vehicle you are planning to buy. Experts suggest that you run the details of the vehicle through this tool and check its status. You will find cars as junked, framed and structural damage, salvaged, accident indicators and flooded titles.

Stolen Vehicle Check: Take Help of A Stolen Car Check App!

Stolen car checker app is a great tool that helps you check details of a vehicle in more than 18 databases to help find out if the car is stolen or not. The application makes use of the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN and not the Registration Plate Number, which is easier to modify. 

You must use this free app to determine if you are buying a stolen car. Keep in mind that it might take some time for vehicles to get registered in a stolen database. In addition, there are certain databases that only include information about stolen vehicles from the last year.

Do Your Research and Remain Safe in Avoiding Buying a Stolen Car

Suppose you are holidaying with your friends and family with your new car only and a regular police check declares that you are driving a stolen car. You will be asked to get out of the car and accompany the police for inquiries.

Purchasing a stolen car can bring many more unexpected and embarrassing incidents. It is worth noting that you cannot claim the ownership of a stolen car, so if you accidentally buy one, you will lose your car and money as well. In addition, if the police had found enough evidence that you have bought the stolen car knowingly, you can also be sent to jail.

So, the best recommendation is to keep things simple and hassle-free. You cannot rely on the seller alone when it comes to finally seal the deal. Car insurance companies will not safeguard you after you have purchased a stolen vehicle. Keeping yourself educated and alert on these issues will help you remain protected from car frauds.

If you are unsure of the car dealing, it is best that you get in touch with our car locksmith team and we will offer you the best advice after thoroughly examining the vehicle against forgery and damage.

Don’t let others rob you of your peace of mind and hard-earned money, get in touch with us!

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