The Terrifying Truth About Luggage Locks

TSA Luggage Locks

Traveling is oftentimes a stressful event in a person's life because of all the planning and logistics that need to be taken care of. But planning is stressful because of another reason: safety.

Lots of people are having a hard time fully emerging in a relaxing experience while on vacation or on a trip simply because they cannot feel entirely safe when they are away from home. Pickpocketing, kidnappings, car theft, credit card fraud – there is no telling what kind of problems you could be dealing with. Your problems could also start right inside the airport, even before your plane takes off. Luggage theft is a real thing and the TSA personnel in airports have been proven to be some of the biggest culprits. Unfortunately, the same people who are expected to check your luggage and make sure there are no potentially harmful or dangerous items carried on board of a plane could also be the ones you will need to pay the most attention to.

If you are getting ready for an upcoming trip or you are simply curious about how to avoid falling victim to luggage thieves, these next few lines should be helpful.

Tips For Maximizing Security While Traveling

Luggage Security Locks

Did you ever use a lock on your luggage? Do you think such a solution could prove to be handy while traveling? Have you ever had any of your luggage, bags, purses or personal belongings be stolen while traveling across or out of the country? Do you think a lock could have prevented the incident from happening?

The sad and disturbing truth you are going to find out might come as a surprise to most of you. In reality, luggage locks or TSA locks that are required by airport security for faster and smoother security controls are not able to keep your luggage any safer. Luggage locks are more insecure than you could imagine simply because of the possibility to simply cut the shackles with a cheap cutting plier. Plus, the lock cylinders are not as efficient as you might think, as they too can be picked with ease and little to no skill and previous experience. Do you think a master lock system would work best for all your family's luggage? Think again; the fact that airport TSA has been quick to release the official schemes to the public means no lock is safer than others.

So Why Use TSA Locks Then?

For starters, airport security and its RSA personnel will have a much easier time opening your luggage without causing any harm to its contents. Since you will be using one of the locks they recommend you to use, there is no risk of any locks being broken to access the interior of your bags.

Of course, this is not entirely true as there are plenty of reports indicating that the TSA locks on some people's bags have been, in fact, broken or cut off. The risk is, however, smaller, and this is why so many people continue to use these locks regardless of their poor level of security.

What About TSA Padlocks?

Padlocks that are approved by the TSA are very similar to zip ties as they offer the same level of security. TSA padlocks and locks can be taken off and reused on your luggage, whereas zip ties cannot be used again once they have been removed.

What Can TSA Legally Do?

TSA Locks

Without cause, the TSA is allowed to forcefully unlock a bag in case it was locked at the time of the inspection and their passenger failed to provide the necessary key. The Transportation Security Administration is required by the law to insect all checked luggage for the protection of all passengers. They can do this without having to ask for your permission. While the TSA may regret any inconvenience they may have caused by having your luggage forcefully opened, this will not stop them from doing their job.

All Luggage Locks Can Be Picked

  • Even the most expensive, sturdiest locks can be opened with the help of destructive methods by professional thieves. The same goes for all known models and types of padlocks in the industry. None of them can handle extremely high levels of pressure that someone might try to apply.

  • While there are a few cases of luggage locks that were strong enough that TSA could not pen them, it does not mean that the respective locks were impossible to unlock if additional methods been used.

  • Keep in mind zipper bags and zippers of luggage cannot be protected with the help of locks. Anyone holding a ballpoint pen can easily access the contents of your zipper bag or a zipper bag. The same crook could also easily reseal the bag without you noticing they have manipulated its contents anytime soon.

  • Try to opt for luggage that comes with hasps instead of zippers. You will need to focus on hardshell cases that can provide you with enhanced protection for the contents of your bags.

Built-In Locks On Bags Are Not Safe

Unless you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars up to a few thousands of luggage with high-security locks, chances are you will not benefit from high levels of protection for your belongings while traveling. Disk detainer locks or cruciform locks are just a few examples of so-called high-security luggage locks that are, in fact, ineffective.

Don't trust the false advertising and talk to professional locksmiths that can recommend additional luggage security solutions instead.



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