Top 6 Tips For Choosing The Right Locks For Your Home

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Looking to buy new door locks? Thinking of upgrading the security of your home? Here is everything you need to consider when trying to decide which locks are best.

Your home is only as safe as your door is. This popular saying has its fair share of truth. Home security does begin with the mix of door, lock, and deadbolt attached to it. Here at On Time Locksmiths, we know just how important it is to know your loved ones and property are protected against threats at all times. We are also familiar with the mind-boggling number of locking systems that currently exist on the market. They can easily overwhelm even an expert locksmith from time to time. Accordingly, we have chosen to specialize in all types of residential lock services, including lock installation and repairs, emergency lockouts and simple security advice for people who need to invest in new locks and are looking for guidance.

Below you are going to discover a brief guide on how to select the most suitable locks for your home every time you need to shop for a new lock system.

Tip #1: Brace Yourself, Endless Options Are Coming

Unfortunately, there is no one-lock-fits-all solution you can miraculously pick from a shelf and bring home. This means you are going to have to do your shopping just like you would do with anything else you have little to no experience with buying. Look for options, compare, contrast, read reviews, ask for advice and see which product matches all of your requirements.

Focus on coming across a highly convenient and reliable solution that incorporates all access points in your home. The faster you can get rid of all vulnerabilities and hazards that currently make your home easy prey for potential burglars, the better. In order to keep your head above the water and not drown in the sea of choices, you will find, we recommend you contact an expert locksmith for homes. The On Time Locksmiths team is readily available to cater to your every need, including guidance for selecting the most suitable types of locks for your home needs.

Tip #2: Opt For Sturdy Mechanical Locks for A Classic Touch

These locks are the most popular alternatives most people prefer since they can accurately keep a door secured and closed until a key is used to activate the deadbolt or the multipoint locking system. Deadbolt locks require a key to be placed inside the locking mechanism and turned in order to release the door. A mortise system relies on a few different locking points that are managed with the help of a single key. They are also extremely strong and can add enhanced protection to any door. They are the best choice if you are looking for a locking system that can protect break-in points that are more prone to be affected by the acts of property criminals.

Tip #3: Choose Biometric Locks For Remote Access Control

If you are looking to hit the refresh button on your old and obsolete locks, consider opting for digital or biometric locks. They rely on advanced technologies and they enable users to manage the access control to their property without the need for keys. The locks can be fully customized to serve temporary purposes. Used together with door monitoring cameras and movement sensors, they will add even more protection to any home. The uniqueness of our fingerprints makes it impossible for anyone else to control these locks and open the front door to your home. Plus, there is also the

Get in touch with us and let us introduce you to all the types of biometric locks we can install for you. While fingerprint locks are widely used by large corporations or government buildings, residential users who live in expensive properties hosting valuable artwork, for example, can also benefit from their excellent advantages.

Tip #3: Choose Smart Locks And Step Into The Future

Locks that are connected to smartphones are extra convenient and flexible. They are extremely easy to use and they enable smooth access control to your home with the help of a device you carry on you nonstop: your smart mobile phone. Smart locks can be usually installed together with the existing deadbolt locks, adding even more simplicity to the process. Metal keys can also be used in case a smart lock malfunction might prevent you from getting into your home.

Tip #4: Choose The Right Locking Functions

There is no universal lock to match all the doors. Assess the types of entryways you need to secure and look for a compatible locking solution. Study functions and advantages and select the right levels of security for interior and exterior doors. If you are running a home office, you may need to look into some more advanced types of locks for the room that will be serving your needs. Plus, your front door will also need to be protected with the help of more complex locks to keep client files, confidential data, and expensive gear safe from burglars. Know what you need and find the best version of it. This is the ultimate secret.

Tip #5: Match The Lock With The Door

Know exactly what materials your doors are made of and pair them with locks that are compatible with them. Keep in mind that while vintage or decorative doors might look stunning, they are more difficult to maintain working fine, not to mention the drilling part.

Tip #6: Choose Locks That Comply With Safety Standards

Make sure the locks you are about to buy and install are compliant with the latest safety standards. For example, you are advised to opt for Grade 1 deadbolts that meet the UL 438 or the EN 12209 standard. They will provide you with the highest level of protection and are definitely an investment worth making. If you plan on using smart locks, see they are patented and check a few user reviews to know what to expect.

Once you have found the best locks for your home, it is time to get in touch with a reliable locksmith and have them installed them for you fast and hassle-free, so you can benefit from their features from day one.

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