Tips For Securing Your Home In The Summer

Summer. White, sandy beaches. The cooling breeze. Colored cocktails. Hours of swimming in the ocean, sunbathing or having fun at the water park. Family picnics. We all look for fun and relaxing outdoor activities in the summer, as we wish to spend as much time in nature as possible. We want to take it all in – the green grass, the way the flowers and the trees look, the divine sounds of the chirping birds, the taste of the fresh lemonade. Hence, most people go on vacation in the summer. And burglars are grateful for that. Home security statistics show that homes turn into easy targets in the warm season since there is no one there to stop them. Any house can fall victim to a home burglary, no matter how quiet and safe a neighborhood you might live in, and no matter how rare break-ins occur there, to begin with.

If you have big plans to travel for the summer, here are a few tips that should inspire you to leave your home better protected behind you. While there is no actual formula you can use to guess whether the neighborhood burglars will target your place or not this summer, it won't hurt to stay on top of things. Besides, chances are you will not be missing for three months in a row, so there are preventive home security measures to take to secure your home for the summer.

Make A Habit Out Of Keeping The Doors Locked

Never leave your home without making sure all the doors and windows are properly locked. Running a quick errand to the shop around the corner is never an acceptable pretext for leaving a door unlocked. It only takes a fraction of a second for a burglar lurking around to take advantage of the situation and sneak in. Laptops, cash, tablets, car keys – they will not hesitate to grab anything they can lay their eyes and sticky hands on.home door lock

One of the golden rules of proper home security is to educate your kids to never leave the house without making sure they have locked the doors. Teach them to double-check they have their own set of keys on them to avoid lockouts. This tip is not only well-suitable for when you wish to secure your home for the summer, but it should be used all year round.

Use clear bowls or trays in the lobby for placing the keys so you can notice them when you are about the head out the door.

Have Your Locks Assessed Professionally

Sometimes, in spite of your good intentions of keeping your home properly locked, your locks may be working against you. A broken or faulty lock tends to jam the keys in the key-way when you least expect it.

  • Hire a professional locksmith service for homes in your area and let them inspect all of your door and window locks. A trained eye will immediately notice the smallest glitch into a lock system and fix it or recommend re-keying, re-keying a lock is the more affordable alternative of dealing with a broken lock. However, if your locks are damaged beyond repair because for some reason, chances are you will be advised to have them replaced with a new set.

  • Upgrade your locks. You could take advantage of this opportunity and upgrade your locks if you are still using the old locks your home has when you first moved in. your home is oftentimes only as safe as your locks, provided you do not have any alarms and other security measures in place. Official FBI statistics tell us that around 30 percent of burglars use doors and windows that have remained unlocked to make their way in. If you also have overgrown trees and tall bushes there, you will only be paving the way of burglars into your home.

  • Install locks and safety bars on your windows. If you live on a ground floor, it is a good idea to ask a locksmith to also fit small-keyed or sensor alarm locks on your windows.

Make sure you keep all of your points of access well maintained and upgraded, and your home alarmed and locked, even when you are there. These might sound like a no-brainer, but they are critical if you are looking to spruce up your home's security.

Install Home Alarms And Sensor Lights

According to a study completed at the University of North Carolina, around 60 percent of convicted burglars claim that the sight of a security system will make them change their mind and look for a different victim. You could talk to a nearby home locksmith and ask them to recommend the best solutions for your needs and budget limitations. Having an alarm system installed by the hand of a professional lock technician should ensure you will not be dealing with any problems later on.

If you live in a smaller house or an apartment, a simpler and more affordable home alarm/surveillance system should work fine for you. A home with several bedrooms and a large yard area should be supervised by a multi-camera monitoring system with sensors and live image broadcast in real-time.

Have motion sensors and timer lights installed in your backyard/on the patio/in the garage area. No burglar wants to throw on a show and be in an actual spotlight while trying to break into a home.


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